Missouri Health Science Education (MHSE)

Missouri Health Science Education (MHSE) is a division of the Missouri Association for Career and Technical Education (MoACTE).  The Missouri Association for Career and Technical Education is an active group of vocational educators whose strength is derived from their diversity and organizational structure.  MoACTE has approximately 2000 members. Each division is designed to cater to a specific professional field. To find out more about MoACTE or to join, please visit https://www.acteonline.org/missouri/#.WdP4QU2ouM9. 

Membership in MHSE provides a communication network with colleagues across the state; keeps members informed of policies, plans and issues of the ACTE (Association for Career and Technical Education) and legislation impacting Career and Technical Education; provides opportunities for updating professional skills through workshops, conferences and receiving CEUs; and encourages and supports youth activities. Membership is comprised of secondary and post-secondary Health Science Educators.