User Manager/Login Request Forms

Please watch the webinar below about Web Applications User Manager outlining the procedures for the district User Manager(s).

General Notes

  • If you are with a public school, the district's User Manager can add/delete/modify users or user roles. The superintendent is most likely a User Manager for your district.  Many districts have more than one designated User Manager. The district User Manager(s) may require district staff to submit the appropriate form to them in order to process the access to specific programs. District User Manager(s) may wish to use this form and keep copies for their records. Do not send copies of these forms to the department if they have been processed in the district. Forms submitted to DESE for processing marked incorrectly (checkmarks where a level is required) will be given Level 1 view only access. 
  • The forms listed on this page are available in PDF format. These forms can be completed online and then printed, or you can print the blank form and complete by hand.  To print the form use File -- Print.  (You cannot save the form unless you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat Professional.)  
  • Click the link in order to open the form in another window.  You will need to select the download button in order to use as a fillable PDF.
  • Please read the Instructions section on each form you use. For more information about Web Applications, watch the webinar above outlining the procedures for getting access to Web Applications and the procedures for the district User Manager(s).
  • Please note that the form may list programs that are not applicable or accessible to your district. 
  • For more information about Web Applications, watch the recorded webinar above outlining the procedures for the district User Manager(s). 

Links for Forms

  • Web Systems User ID Request Form-Public
  • Web Systems User ID Request Form-Nonpublic
    • Used to authorize access to each of the Web Application Systems.
    • Notes about Level of Access: In the box to the left of the program, place a 1, 2, or 3 to indicate what level of access you wish to establish for the individual named. 1 = View Only, 2 = Data Entry, 3 = Authorized Representative. Some web application names are followed by a check mark. This printed check mark indicates only one access level - View Only - is available for that application.
    • This form may be used by the district User Manager(s) for processing, or may be submitted to the department for processing by faxing to 573-526-4125.
  • Web Systems User Access Delete Request
    • This form is ONLY used for Educator Preparation Programs and nonpublic local educational agencies.
    • Used to remove various types of Web Applications access for individual users.
    • This form must be submitted to DESE for processing by faxing to 573-526-4125, or by emailing to​
  • HSE System Form
    • Used to gain access to the HSE testing system and to report changes to users.
    • This form MUST be submitted to DESE for processing.

Web Applications Security/User Manager

Web Applications Security
DESE's Web Applications system is used for a variety of district data collections and reports throughout the year. Individual educator certification records are also kept online for the educator's convenience. The system is accessed through the DESE Secured Web Application Logon.

User Manager
Every district should have at least one User Manager (UM). The designated UM for the district/agency can make additions/changes for staff members to permit them to perform the functions described. Having this capacity in the district is a time saver as district staff will not have to submit forms to the department and wait for the department to process them.

To become a UM, the following Web Systems User ID/User Manager Request form must be signed and submitted to DESE for processing. 

  • Web Systems User ID/User Manager Request Form
    • Used to request a deletion or addition to the district's list of designated User Manager(s). This form is not used to remove other accesses the individual may have to district applications.
    • This form MUST be submitted to DESE for processing by faxing to 573-526-4125. 

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