Child Care Background Check Process

General Information

  • Before a child care staff member can start working or be present at the facility, the comprehensive background check process must be complete and an eligibility determination must be on file.
  • Child care staff members include:
    • a child care provider;
    • persons employed by the child care provider for compensation, including contract employees or self-employed individuals;
    • individuals or volunteers whose activities involve the care or supervision of children for a child care provider or unsupervised access to children who are cared for or supervised by a child care provider; or
    • individuals residing in a family child care home who are eighteen years of age and older.
  • The comprehensive background check includes fingerprinting, a sex offender registry search, and a Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR) screening.
  • A comprehensive background check must be completed for each child care staff member every 5 years.
Comprehensive Background Check Notification

To request an eligibility determination for current or prospective child care staff member(s) in accordance with Section 210.1080, RSMo, the child care provider must complete the Comprehensive Background Check Notification form in its entirety and submit to the background screening unit at

The Comprehensive Background Check Notification form must be received by OOC before the fingerprint process can be completed.
  • Make sure the entire top part of the form is complete and add the required information for each individual that needs an eligibility determination.
  • When you download the form on the website, it is fillable. You can type the information onto the form – this makes it easier for staff processing the request to read information.
  • If an individual has lived in a state other than Missouri within the past 5 years, OOC may contact the provider and/or the individual to provide contact information for that state to can request a Child Abuse/Neglect registry screening and/or a criminal history check.
Once OOC processes the information on the Comprehensive Background Check Notification form, they will inform the provider by email of the fingerprint instructions if the individual(s) needs to complete the fingerprint process.
  • The potential child care staff member does not need to be fingerprinted again if:
    • They already have an eligibility letter dated within the last 5 years issued by the Office of Childhood, Department of Social Services, or Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) for the purposes of child care employment; and
    • Have not been separated from employment in a child care facility for more than 180 days.

Fingerprinting for minors:

Minors complete the same fingerprint steps as others do. However, minors are required to have a photo ID that must have a picture of the minor and their home address. If such documentation is not available, the parent must accompany the minor to the fingerprint location and bring a copy of the minor's social security card or birth certificate. The parent must also sign a Missouri Photo ID Waiver for Minors form at the time of fingerprinting at an Identigo location. Email to request a Missouri Photo ID Waiver for Minors form. For questions about acceptable identification, contact the Identigo Customer Care Center at 844-543-9712.

Family Care Safety Registry Screening
The child care provider will also need to request a new Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR) screening on the potential child care staff member. The FCSR screening process is a follows:
First, the individual must register with FCSR operated by DHSS.
  • The FCSR registration process is a one-time process. Online registration is quick and easy.
  • You can verify if an individual has already submitted an FCSR registration.
  • We recommend that once a child care provider is interested in hiring an individual, they inform the individual to register as soon as possible.
Next, the provider must request a FCSR background screening.
  • There are multiple ways to request a screening on an individual with a completed FCSR registration.
  • Request the FCSR screening no more than 30 days before the date the individual completes fingerprints or any time thereafter.

A FCSR screening must be performed on all child care staff members every time a comprehensive background check is completed and 30 days prior to the licensee’s anniversary date, or as a part of the annual registration renewal for registered child care providers.

FCSR's main webpage is a great site to add to your internet favorites for future screenings.

Eligibility Determination

Once the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) processes the fingerprints and DHSS processes the FCSR screening, OOC reviews the results. The OOC sends the provider and the individual the results of the comprehensive background screening. The letter shows if the individual is eligible or ineligible to work or be present in a child care facility.

  • Most letters will come to you through email. 
  • The individual should keep a copy of their letter for any future child care employers.
  • The provider must keep a copy of the letter they receive on file for review during inspections.
  • Eligibility determinations are good for 5 years from the date on the letter and are specific to the individual.
5- Year Eligibility Re-Determination Process

Eligibility letters expire 5 years from the date of the letter (not from the date of fingerprints). Child care staff members will need to complete the comprehensive background screening process again to receive a new eligibility determination.

  • Thirty to 60 days prior to the expiration date of an eligible letter, the child care provider/director will need to submit a Comprehensive Background Check Notification form with information for all child care staff member’s that need an eligibility re-determination.
  • Once the OOC Background Screening Unit processes the notification form, they will email the provider/director with the instructions for fingerprint process.
  • The provider/director will then instruct the child care staff member(s) to complete the fingerprint process.
  • The child care provider/director must also request a Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR) screening on the child care staff member(s). 
    • Request the FCSR screening no more than 30 days before the date the individual completes fingerprints or anytime thereafter.
  • The OOC Background Screening Unit will review the results from the fingerprint check and the FCSR screening. Once reviewed, they will process and send the new eligibility determination letter.
Information for Other States that Need a Missouri Background Check
Missouri is a National Fingerprint File (NFF) state and a National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact State. Missouri criminal history will be recorded on national FBI criminal history checks.
If you need to request a Child Abuse and Neglect report, review the below website for additional instructions:

Direct questions on the comprehensive background check process to or call 573-751-2450, option 2.