Adult Education & Literacy

Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) provides free virtual and face-to-face classroom instruction to eligible Missouri citizens in Reading, Language, Mathematics, English Language Competency, Workplace Literacy, Digital Literacy, Civics, and Citizenship. Certified instructors teach all classes. Adult students receive preparation for Missouri’s High School Equivalency exam (HiSET® or GED®) integrated with career specific workforce training. English learners become literate in the English language while learning the responsibilities of citizenship and workforce preparation.

AEL programs around the state offer services, free of charge, to anyone who is at least 17 years of age or 16-year-olds who have met Missouri’s compulsory school attendance requirements. To be eligible for AEL services, individuals must also have one of the following barriers: basic skills deficiency/low literacy levels based on assessment, lack of high school diploma or equivalency, or learning the English language.

Funding for AEL programs is determined through a competitive grant process. Local education agencies, non-profit organizations, institutions of higher education, and other eligible groups may apply.


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