High School Equivalency Age Waivers

Age Waiver Application

Missouri citizens (with a Missouri mailing address) less than 17 years of age interested in taking a state-approved High School Equivalency (HSE) examination at a test center or less than 18 years of age interested in taking a HiSET® at Home/Secure Location Exam must apply for an age waiver by completing and submitting the Missouri HSE Test Age Waiver Application. Requirements for applying for an HSE Age Waiver are listed below under HSE Age Waiver Policy.

Follow these steps to request an age waiver:

  1. Create an Account: Create a student account for GED or HiSET. Your GED ID# or your HiSET ID# is required to complete the Missouri HSE Test Age Waiver Application.
  2. Complete the  Missouri HSE Test Age Waiver Application: Please read it carefully! If none of the listed conditions in the age waiver apply, you cannot be approved and must wait to test until you are 17 years of age.
  3. Submit: Submit the Missouri HSE Test Age Waiver Application AND any necessary transcripts to hse@dese.mo.gov or mail to Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, High School Equivalency Office, P.O. Box 480, Jefferson City, MO 65102.

 HSE Age Waiver Policy

  • Per Missouri HSE Rule 5 CSR 20-200.310, one of the following conditions must be met for an HSE age waiver to be approved.  Please note that, by law, these are the only conditions under which an age waiver can be approved. If none of the conditions apply, the student cannot be approved and must wait to test until the age of 17. 
    1. Be currently enrolled in school and qualify as a participant in an approved Missouri Option Program for at-risk youth;
    2. Be withdrawn from school, have successfully completed 16 units of credit toward high school graduation, and have written confirmation of course completion from the superintendent of schools where the most recent high school graduation credits were earned; or
    3. If home schooled, have met the requirements of Section 167.031, RSMo for course instruction (including 1,000 hours of instruction) and have written permission of the parent or legal guardian.
  • Missouri citizens less than 18 years of age interested in taking the HiSET® at Home/Secure Location must apply for an age waiver due to being a minor and being monitored by an (adult) online proctor.  GED® test takers less than 18 years of age interested in taking the GED® online proctored exam must have a parent or legal guardian available at the beginning of the exam to provide permission for the tester to be monitored by an (adult) online proctor.
  • High School Transcript(s): For those applying as a withdrawn high school applicant less than 17 years of age, you must submit a copy of your high school transcript(s) in addition to the application.

Notification Process

  • Application Status: The Missouri HSE Office will notify you via email of your application status. You will not be able to schedule your HSE exam until you receive an approval notification.
  • Incomplete or Denied Application: The Missouri High School Equivalency Office will contact you via email. If incomplete, you must make the necessary changes and resubmit the application and if necessary, your high school transcript(s).
  • Wait time: Application processing can be as quick as two business days but may take up to two weeks, especially if the application is incomplete.