Teaching Jobs

Searching for Missouri teaching jobs or wanting to advertise a current position within a school district?  Visit the links below for all your needs. 

Substitute Teaching in Public Schools

Click Here for information regarding the substitute certification application process.  For additional questions regarding the substitute certification application process, contact Educator Certification at certification@dese.mo.gov or 573-751-0051.

To apply for substitute teaching positions, please contact the school district(s) where you would like to work.

Teacher Certification

Click Here for information regarding teacher certification.  For additional questions regarding certification, contact Educator Certification at certification@dese.mo.gov or 573-751-0051.

MOReap (Missouri Public School District Jobs)

MOReap provides services to public schools across Missouri. Click Here to view or post teaching jobs.

Teach Missouri

TEACH Missouri is a new, statewide initiative committed to improving the perception of the teaching profession and developing a statewide teacher recruitment system to attract the next generation of Missouri teachers. The initiative is being led by DESE in collaboration with education institutions, government agencies, associations, community organizations, and nonprofit stakeholders. Click here to view the site.

Digital Teacher Recruitment Platform

TeachMO.org now serves as a centralized hub for prospective teachers to explore the profession, access free and comprehensive resources (e.g., inspirational videos from fellow Missouri teachers, Certification Guides) and receive support in applying to Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs) throughout the state (e.g., 1:1 coaching, financial incentives, application checklists).