Special Education Finance

The Special Education Finance Section is responsible for calculating and distributing IDEA Special Education Part B (611 & 619), Early Childhood Special Education, High Need Fund, Public Placement Fund, Readers for the Blind Program, and various other grant payments to local school districts and charters schools throughout Missouri.  The Section provides technical assistance to local school district and charter school officials on topics pertaining to federal finance regulations such as the calculation of IDEA Maintenance of Effort (MOE) and determining Proportionate Share obligations.  Special Education Finance also conducts onsite, desk monitoring, and desk audit reviews on an annual basis. 

Due Dates
IDEA Fiscal Requirements
Fiscal Monitoring
  • IDEA Fiscal Monitoring
    • Tiered Monitoring System Introduction and Overview
    • Tiered Monitoring Cohort List
    • Fiscal Monitoring Guide
    • Fiscal Monitoring Regional Trainings
  • General Guidance 
    • Time and Effort

LeAnn Craighead, Coordinator
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Financial and Administrative Services

Alicia Hunt Ketterman, Director
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Special Education Finance

Michael Dierking, Assistant Director
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Leslie Porter, Assistant Director
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Sid Belt, Supervisor
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Laura Robinson, Supervisor
(573) 751-0622

Valerie Hoover, Program Specialist
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Jeni Elsbriar, Program Specialist
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