Career and Technical Education (CTE) Finance

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Finance is responsible for the administration of State and Federal funds that support career and technical education programs, services, and activities.  These programs and services provide secondary, postsecondary, and adult students with the knowledge and skills needed for employment in current or emerging fields, to continue their education, or to be retrained for new business and industry practices.  This applies to local educational agencies (LEAs) that operate Department-approved CTE programs in Agricultural Education; Business, Marketing, and Information Technology Education; Family Consumer Sciences and Human Services Education; Health Sciences Education; Skilled Technical Sciences Education; and Technology and Engineering Education.

CTE Finance will provide LEAs with financial information regarding CTE programs and grants.  The CTE financial information will include the following:  allocations, payments, due dates, coding, funding changes, financial reminders, monitoring requirements and other guidance.  CTE Finance will also provide technical assistance to LEAs regarding Federal finance regulations and fiscal oversight and monitoring of CTE grant programs.