Educator Preparation

Educator Preparation serves all public and independent educator preparation programs by:

  • Setting standards and requirements in the development of pre-service educator and accrediting educator preparation programs in Missouri.
  • Assisting with the development of model teacher, leader, librarian and counselor standards, as well as developing evaluation models for school personnel.

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Contact Information


Daryl Fridley, Ph.D., Coordinator

Buddy Alberson, M.A., Assistant Director

Marcia Patridge, Administrative Assistant

Phone: 573-751-1668

Fax: 573-522-6526

Mailing Address

Educator Preparation

c/o Office of Educator Quality

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

P.O. Box 480

Jefferson City, MO, 65102-0480

Street Address

3rd Floor, Jefferson Building

Office of Educator Quality

205 Jefferson Street

Jefferson City, MO, 65101

    Steps to becoming an educator 1. GPA 2. MO Gen. Ed. Assessments 3. MO Performance Assessments 4. Cert. Requirements

    Educator Standards

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