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Proposed Rules

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The following are Proposed Rules that the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has submitted to the Secretary of State for Publication in the Missouri Register. These rules will not go into effect until the public has had an opportunity to submit written comments, and to attend a public hearing if one is scheduled.  

Any person may offer comments on a Proposed Rule. The instructions for submitting comments, and the location and date of a hearing if one is scheduled, are located after the text of each rule. Please note that the official text of a Proposed Rule is the version that appears in the Missouri Register, not the draft copy on this site. Refer to the official copy if you wish to submit comments.

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Proposed Rule Summary Fiscal Note(s) Supporting
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Date Posted
5 CSR  20-100.180 Waiver of Regulations - This rule established the criteria and procedures for annually identifying school district and/or school building eligibility for waivers in compliance with state statutes. No No   No 2/1/16
5 CSR 20-100.270 Charter Sponsorship Inflation Adjustment - This rule establishes the method of adjustment for inflation for charter sponsorship payment as required by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (department).  The inflation adjustment serves to keep current the funding for the sponsor oversight for sponsors remaining in good standing by fulfilling the obligations under sections 160.400 to 160.425, 161.092, and 167.349, RSMo. Yes No 01/15/16   41 MoReg 77-78 No 2/1/16
5 CSR 20-400.125 Actions of the State Board of Education Relating to Applications for Educator Certificates - This amendment clarifies procedures for the review of applications of individuals convicted of a felony or crime involving moral turpitude, whether or not sentence is imposed; applicants whose certificate has been revoked in Missouri or in another jurisdiction; and applicants seeking to appeal a denial of a certificate by the Office of Educator Quality. No No 01/15/16   41 MoReg 79 No 2/1/16
5 CSR 30-4.030

Audit Policy and Requirements - This proposed amendment is amending the rule to include updates for new federal guidance.

Order of Rulemaking

No N/A


40 MoReg 1277-1280

Yes 2/1/16