Administrative Memos

Date Number Subject Office
07/28/2022 OC-22-004 Preschool Start-up Grants Are Open Office of Childhood
07/15/2022 OC-22-003 Parent Education Allocation for 2022-23 Office of Childhood
07/12/2022 QS-22-008 Seclusion and Restraint Policy Requirements Office of Quality Schools
07/11/2022 LS-22-003 2021-22 Local Education Agency (LEA) Data Posting & Data Corrections and Appeals Process Division of Learning Services
06/28/2022 EQ-22-004 Screen 18A Educator Evaluation Office of Educator Quality
06/14/2022 LS-22-002 June MOSIS/Core Data Submissions Division of Learning Services
06/09/2022 FAS-22-005 Teacher Baseline Salary Grant Division of Financial & Administrative Services
06/02/2022 QS-22-007 CSR 20-100.110 Programs for Gifted Children Office of Quality Schools
06/01/2022 QS-22-006 2022-23 Paraprofessional Qualifications Office of Quality Schools
05/13/2022 LS-22-001 LETRS® Science of Reading Professional Learning Opportunity Division of Learning Services
04/05/2022 QS-22-005 2022 Summer School Handbook and Application Office of Quality Schools
04/05/2022 FAS-22-004 Elementary and Secondary Education Emergency Relief (ESSER) Data Collection Division of Financial & Administrative Services
04/04/2022 QS-22-004 Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) Plans Office of Quality Schools
04/04/2022 FAS-22-003 Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER III) Summer School Grant Division of Financial & Administrative Services
04/04/2022 QS-22-003 Quality Assurance: District Self-Monitoring Tool Office of Quality Schools