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Core Data/MOSIS

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Core Data and MOSIS are data collection systems managed by the Office of Data System Management at the Department.

The Core Data System is a data collection system which consists of integrated screens used to directly enter or update information from school districts. Data in several Core Data screens are now directly populated from files submitted in the MOSIS data collection system.

There are two components of MOSIS: the ID Assignment component and the Data Collection component. The ID Assignment system maintains a unique ID for every student receiving educational service in Missouri public schools. The MOSIS data collection system collects information at the individual level and derives from these data the counts needed for aggregate reports.  

School districts report data items in Core Data and MOSIS in six cycles during the year: beginning-of-the-year items in the August and October Cycles; midyear items in the December, February and April Cycles; and end-of-the-year items in the June Cycle. MOSIS also collects data apart from these six cycles such as the Assessment Pre-Code data.