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Summer School Program

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The utilization of extended learning opportunities, including summer school, aligned to the Missouri Learning Standards (MLS), may be used by Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to improve the academic performance of students. LEAs may hold summer school programs any time between the close of the regular school term and the beginning of the next regular term. LEAs with a “year-round” regular term schedule may conduct an approved component of summer school during the breaks in the regular term.

The Summer School Handbook is released in March and is designed to provide LEAs with references to the applicable statutes, rules, and policies governing the application and operation of a state-funded summer school program. It is imperative that all summer school administrators and staff responsible for completing the application thoroughly read and understand the program guidelines.

The Summer School Application is also made available to LEAs in March. Applications are submitted via Core Data Screen 24A. Definitions and instructions for completing the application are included in the Summer School Handbook. The Summer School Application is due no later than May 1 and serves as notice that an LEA intends to offer summer programming. The School Improvement office will review applications, consult with local school officials as needed and approve eligible summer school programs for state aid.

For questions regarding the use of summer school average daily attendance in the Basic Formula, Proposition C and Fair Share payment calculations, please contact the School Finance Section at 573-751-0357.