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The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), often referred to as "the Nation's Report Card," is the only nationally representative and continuing assessment of what America's students know and can do in various subjects. Its two major goals are to measure student achievement and to report change in performance over time. NAEP provides results for the nation as a whole in a variety of subjects and for the states individually in mathematics, reading, science, and writing. Performance is reported by groups of students, for example, by gender, by different racial and ethnic groups, and by participation in special programs. Note: NAEP does not provide results for individual students or for their schools.

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Jeremy Ellis
NAEP Missouri Sate Coordinator



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NAEP Assessments

General Brochures and Infographics

NAEP Inclusion Policies

NAEP Sampling

Grade 4 Materials

Grade 8 Materials

Age 9 Materials - NAEP Long-Term Trend




Student Questionnaires

Each student will take one questionnaire as part of their NAEP assessment.

Grade 4

Grade 8

Grade 12

Teacher Questionnaires

Staff who teach the assessed content of the students that were sampled for NAEP

School Questionnaires

One building leader completes the questionnaire

Data Tools

NAEP Data Tools

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Sample Questions

Sample Questions

NAEP Frameworks

Assessment Frameworks and Item Specifications

International Assessments

General Information and Schedule of Assessments

Grade 4 Resources

Grade 4 Resources

Grade 8 Resources

Grade 8 Resources

Mathematics (approximately 30 minutes each)

Reading (Approximately 20-30 min each)

Civics (Approximately 30 min each)

Grade 12 Resources

Grade 12 Resources

Mathematics (Approximately 20-30 min each)

Reading (Approximately 20-30 min each)