Powerful Learning Conference

**After hearing from educators across the state, the 2021 Powerful Learning Conference is canceled. We are looking forward to seeing everyone in 2022.**                                            

                                           2022 Powerful Learning Conference
                                                       January 24-25, 2022
                                                    One Team, One Mission

Why attend

  • 1200 Educators

  • 60+ Sessions

  • National Speakers

  • 1 Common Goal: Improved student learning for every student in every school

For over 20 years, the Powerful Learning Conference is focused on supporting educators in implementing effective, evidence-based practices in Missouri’s public schools with the goal of improved student learning for every student in every school.

What to expect

2022 Powerful Learning Conference theme is One Team, One Mission that develop, maintain and enhance effective instruction aligned to

  • Leadership – strong leaders set the vision influence direction at every level of the organization to create and support a culture of teaching and learning for continuous improvement.
  • Collaborative Climate and Culture – Shared values and common goals are the foundation of a collaborative climate and culture of systemic growth and improvement within an educational system.
  • Effective Teaching and Learning – Effective academic, behavioral and social skill practices, supported by research and meeting the needs of each student, lead to the highest levels of student learning.
  • Data-Based Decision Making – Accurate, relevant measures across multiple points in time provide the basis for informing on progress, setting goals and guiding decisions leading to improved student learning.
  • Alignment of Standards, Curriculum and Assessment – Connection, clarity and coherence must exist between standards, curriculum and assessments in order to provide accurate and actionable information regarding student learning

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