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Missouri Option Program

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About the Missouri Option Program

The Missouri Option Program permits full-time, public school enrolled students who are at least 17 years of age and at risk of dropping out or not graduating with their cohort group the opportunity to earn a standard high school diploma. Graduation through the Missouri Option Program is not dependent on Carnegie credit attainment. The Missouri Option Program is competency-based and approved by the State Board of Education. The program utilizes a high school equivalency exam as content mastery for graduation purposes. The exam sanctioned by the state for the Missouri Option program is the HiSET® test. Missouri Option students successfully passing the exam and completing all other program requirements are eligible to receive a high school diploma. The Missouri Option Program is an effective means to retain students, lower drop-out rates, and improve college and career readiness.

Missouri Option Program Application

Missouri school districts and charter schools planning to operate a Missouri Option Program during the school year are asked to complete the Missouri Option Program Compliance Plan. Compliance Plans are located in the DESE web applications. LEA User Managers must grant the designated Administrator a PT District Admin role and access to the Missouri Option planning document. To complete the plan, the Administrator must login to the DESE web applications:

    Step 1: Select Compliance Plans from the menu.
    Step 2: Select planning document type, Missouri Option Program Assurance Standards.

The plan is submitted after reviewing and agreeing to the Assurance Standards. The Compliance Plan for Missouri Option Programs is open throughout the year.

For more information, contact the Missouri Option office at 573-751-3190 or 573-751-4426.

Teacher Access to the HiSET Registration System

In order to access the HiSET® Student Registration System, a User ID is required. If you are a Missouri Option teacher, counselor, or administrator and will be registering students to test, please notify desemooption@dese.mo.gov for authorization. An initial username and password will be provided to set up an account in the HiSET® system as an Associate.

Missouri Option Workshop Information

Missouri Option new and experienced teacher workshops and program updates are presented each Summer as part of the Missouri Alternative Education Network (MAEN) Annual Conference. ​  Information and registration for this conference may be found at https://www.maen4kids.com/

Missouri Option Staff Contacts

Dale Wimer​, Supervisor
Telephone:  573-751-3190
Annette Young, Data Specialist
Telephone:  573-751-4426
Mailing Address:
Missouri Option Program
P.O. Box 480
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0480