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Charter Schools

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Charter Schools Program Office

Charter Schools are independent public schools that are free from some rules and regulations that apply to traditional public school districts as specifically identified in charter school law.  In exchange for flexibility, charter school sponsors are to hold the schools accountable for results. Charter schools are non-sectarian, do not discriminate in their admission policies and may not charge tuition or fees.

Any student residing in the Kansas City 33 School District or the St. Louis Public School District may choose to attend a charter school if they reside within either city.  There is no cost to parents for sending their children to a charter school. Any student residing in an unaccredited school district may transfer to an approved charter school in the same or an adjoining county.  See here for additional information. 

As of August 2020, there are 20 LEAs in Kansas City operating within 39 buildings and 16 LEAs in St Louis within 34 buildings.

Charter Schools Office Contacts

Jocelyn Strand Coordinator 573-751-1014
Rachel Uptergrove Director of Charter Schools 573-526-4219
Madelyn Doyle Charter School Administrative Assistant 573-751-8247
Walt Brown Area Supervisor  (KC area) 816-439-5223
Maureen Clancy-May  Area Supervisor  (STL area) 314-800-9290