A+ Designated Schools

The A+ Scholarship Program provides scholarship funds to eligible graduates of A+ designated high schools who attend a participating public community college or vocational/technical school, or certain private two-year vocational/technical schools. Legislation passed in 2016 expanded the A+ Program to non-public high schools.

For general questions regarding A+ designation for schools please email aplus@dese.mo.gov for questions regarding all other issues please direct them to the Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development

Contact Information for A+

Shanika Williams Director of Charter Schools 573-526-4219
Vacant Administrative Assistant of Charter Schools 573-751-8247
A+ Designated Public Schools
School District Name School Name Yr. Designated
Academie Lafayette Academie Lafayette - Armour 2021
Adair Co. R-I Adair Co. High 2003
Adair Co. R-II Adair Co. High 2010
Adrian R-III Adrian Sr. High 2011
Advance R-IV Advance High 2013
Affton 101 Affton High 2006
Albany R-III Albany High 2012
Allen Village Allen Village School 2013
Alton R-IV Alton High 2003
Appleton City R-II Appleton City High 2010
Arcadia Valley R-II Arcadia Valley High 2002
Arcadia Valley R-II Arcadia Valley Career Tech Center 2021
Archie R-V Archie High 2009
Ash Grove R-IV Ash Grove High 2013
Atlanta C-3 Atlanta High 2013
Aurora R-VIII Aurora High 1997
Ava R-I Ava High 2000
Bakersfield R-IV Bakersfield High 2003
Ballard R-II Ballard High 2013
Bayless Bayless Sr. High 2009
Bell City R-II Bell City High 2008
Belton 124 Belton High 2007
Bernie R-XIII Bernie High 1998
Bevier C-4 Bevier High 2004
Billings R-IV Billings High School 2023
Billings R-IV Billings Sr. High 2009
Bismarck R-V Bismarck R-V High 2011
Blair Oaks R-II Blair Oaks High 2009
Bloomfield R-XIV Bloomfield High 2003
Blue Eye R-V Blue Eye High 2010
Blue Springs R-IV Blue Springs High 2008
Blue Springs R-IV Blue Springs South High 2008
Blue Springs R-IV Liggett Trail Education Center 2021
Blue Springs R-IV Valley View High 2021
Bolivar R-I Bolivar High 2002
Boonville R-I Boonville High 1997
Boonville R-I Boonslick Technical Educ. Center 2021
Bosworth R-V Bosworth High 2014
Bowling Green R-I Bowling Green High 2000
Bradleyville R-I Bradleyville High 2013
Branson R-IV Branson High 2002
Braymer C-4 Braymer High 2013
Breckenridge R-I Breckenridge High 2013
Brentwood Brentwood High 2012
Bronaugh R-VII Bronaugh High 2013
Brookfield R-III Brookfield High 1997
Brookfield R-III Linn Co. Area Career and Tech Center 2021
Brookside Charter School Brookside Charter School 2012
Brunswick R-II Brunswick High 2013
Buchanan Co. R-IV DeKalb Jr. Sr. High 2013
Bucklin R-II Bucklin High 2013
Bunker R-III Bunker High 2007
Butler R-V Butler High 2012
Cabool R-IV Cabool High 2003
Cainsville R-I Cainsville High 2012
Calhoun R-VIII Calhoun High 2013
Camdenton R-III Camdenton High 1998
Camdenton R-III Lake Career & Technical Center 2021
Cameron R-I Cameron High 2013
Campbell R-II Campbell High 2013
Canton R-V Canton High 2013
Cape Girardeau 63 Central High 1997
Cape Girardeau 63 Cape Girardeau Career & Technical Center 2021
Carl Junction R-I Carl Junction High 1998
Carrollton R-VII Senior High 2001
Carrollton R-VII Carrollton Area Career Center 2021
Carthage R-IX Carthage High School 1999
Carthage R-IX Carthage Technical Center 2021
Caruthersville 18 Caruthersville High 2001
Cassville R-IV Cassville High 1999
Center 58 Center Sr. High 1997
Center 58 Center Alternative 2021
Central R-III Central High 2000
Centralia R-VI Centralia High 2008
Chadwick R-I Chadwick High 2009
Chaffee R-II Chaffee Jr Sr High 2012
Charleston R-I Charleston High 2001
Chilhowee R-IV Chilhowee High 2011
Chillicothe R-II Chillicothe High 1997
Chillicothe R-II Grand River Technical School 2021
Clark Co. R-I Clark Co. High 2000
Clarkton C-4 Clarkton High 2008
Clayton Clayton High School 2014
Clearwater R-I Clearwater High 2000
Clever R-V Clever High 2010
Climax Springs R-IV Climax Springs High 2005
Clinton Clinton Sr. High 1997
Clinton Clinton Technical School 2021
Clinton Co. R-III Plattsburg High 2013
Cole Camp R-I Cole Camp High 2008
Cole Co. R-I Russellville High 2010
Cole Co. R-V Eugene High 2005
Columbia 93 Battle High School 2013
Columbia 93 Columbia Area Career Center 2021
Columbia 93 David H. Hickman High 2002
Columbia 93 Frederick Douglass 2013
Columbia 93 Rock Bridge Sr. High 2002
Community R-VI Community High 2011
Concordia R-II Concordia High 2002
Confluence Academies Confluence Preparatory Academy 2013
Confluence Academies Grand Center Arts Academy High 2021
Construction Careers Center Construction Careers Center 2013
Cooper Co. R-IV Bunceton High 2012
Cooter R-IV Cooter High 2021
Couch R-I Couch High 2005
Craig R-III Craig High 2013
Crane R-III Crane High 2012
Crawford Co. R-I Bourbon High School 2009
Crawford Co. R-II Cuba High 2009
Crocker R-II Crocker High 2009
Crossroads Charter Schools Crossroads Charter Schools 2018
Crossroads Charter Schools Crossroads Preparatory Academy 2021
Crystal City 47 Crystal City High 1999
Dadeville R-II Dadeville Sr. High 2013
Dallas Co. R-I Buffalo High 1998
Dallas Co. R-I Dallas County Technical Center 2021
DeLa Salle Charter High School DeLa Salle Charter High School 2018
DeLaSalle Charter School DeLaSalle Charter School 2014
Delta c-7 Delta C-7 High School 2015
Delta R-V Delta High 2013
Desoto 73 Desoto Sr. High 2002
Dexter R-XI Dexter High 2011
Diamond R-IV Diamond High 2012
Dixon R-I Dixon High 2011
Doniphan R-I Current River Career Center 2021
Doniphan R-I Doniphan High 2011
Dora R-III Dora High 2003
Drexel R-IV Drexel High 2011
Dunklin R-V Herculaneum High 2003
East Buchanan Co. C-1 East Buchanan High 2003
East Carter Co. R-II East Carter Co. R-II High 2003
East Newton Co. R-VI East Newton High 2002
East Prairie R-II East Prairie High 2011
El Dorado Springs R-II El Dorado Springs High 2010
Eldon R-I Eldon High 1997
Eldon R-I Eldon Career Center 2021
Elsberry R-II Elsberry High 2013
Eminence R-I Eminence High 2011
Everton R-III Everton High 2013
Ewing Marion Kauffman School Ewing Marion Kauffman School 2018
Excelsior Springs 40 Excelsior Springs High 2000
Excelsior Springs 40 Excelsior Springs Career Center 2021
Excelsior Springs 40 Excelsior Springs Tech. High 2021
Exeter R-VI Exeter High 2011
Fair Grove R-X Fair Grove High 2010
Fair Play R-II Fair Play High 2010
Fairfax R-III Fairfax High 2013
Farmington R-VII Farmington Sr. High 1997
Fayette R-III Fayette High 2003
Ferguson-Florissant R-II Mccluer High 2002
Ferguson-Florissant R-II Mccluer North High 2000
Ferguson-Florissant R-II Mccluer South-Berkeley High 2002
Ferguson-Florissant R-II Steam Academy At MSB High School 2021
Ferguson-Florissant R-II The Innovation School At CV 2021
Festus R-VI Festus Sr. High 1999
Fordland R-III Fordland High 2003
Forsyth R-III Forsyth High 2011
Fort Osage R-I Fort Osage High 2001
Fort Osage R-I Career & Technical Center At Fort Osage 2021
Fort Osage R-I Lewis And Clark Learning Center 2021
Fox C-6 Fox Sr. High 2004
Fox C-6 Seckman Sr. High 2005
Francis Howell R-III Francis Howell Central HS 2011
Francis Howell R-III Francis Howell High 2000
Francis Howell R-III Francis Howell North HS 2011
Francis Howell R-III Francis Howell Union High 2021
Francis Howell R-III Westwood Trail Academy 2021
Fredericktown R-I Fredericktown High 2003
Frontier School of Innovation Frontier School of Excellence-Upper 2015
Frontier School of Innovation Frontier STEM High School 2015
Ft. Zumwalt R-II Ft. Zumwalt East High 2008
Ft. Zumwalt R-II Ft. Zumwalt Hope High 2014
Ft. Zumwalt R-II Ft. Zumwalt North High 2004
Ft. Zumwalt R-II Ft. Zumwalt South High 2004
Ft. Zumwalt R-II Ft. Zumwalt West High 2004
Ft. Zumwalt R-II Mike Clemens Center Adapt Learning 2021
Fulton 58 Fulton Sr. High 1997
Gainesville R-V Gainesville High 2002
Galena R-II Galena High 2010
Gallatin R-V Gallatin High 2000
Gasconade Co. R-I Hermann High 2010
Gasconade Co. R-II Owensville High 2002
Gateway Science Academy Gateway Science Academy High 2014
Gideon 37 Gideon High 1997
Gilman City R-IV Gilman City High 2000
Glasgow Glasgow High 2013
Golden City R-III Golden City High 2013
Grain Valley R-V Grain Valley High 2008
Grand Center Arts Academy Grand Center Arts Academy High 2014
Grandview C-4 Grandview Sr. High 2012
Grandview R-II Grandview High 2011
Grandview R-II Missouri Virtual Academy 2023
Green City R-I Green City High 2003
Green Ridge R-VIII Green Ridge High 2012
Greenfield R-IV Greenfield High 2012
Greenville R-II Greenville High 2004
Grundy Co. R-V Grundy Co. High 2002
Guadalupe Center Schools Guadalupe Center Schools 2013
Hale R-I Hale High 2013
Halfway R-III Halfway Secondary 2013
Hallsville R-IV Hallsville High 1998
Hamilton R-II Penney High 2001
Hancock Place Hancock Sr. High 2000
Hannibal 60 Hannibal Sr. High 1998
Hannibal 60 Hannibal Career & Tech. Center 2021
Hardin-Central C-2 Hardin Central High 2013
Harrisburg R-VIII Harrisburg High 2013
Harrisonville R-IX Harrisonville High 2002
Harrisonville R-IX Cass Career Center 2021
Hartville R-II Hartville High 2002
Hawthorn Leadership School For Girls Hawthorn High School  2021
Hayti R-II Hayti High 2013
Hazelwood Hazelwood Central High 2007
Hazelwood Hazelwood East High 2007
Hazelwood Hazelwood West High 1999
Henry Co. R-I Windsor High 2013
Hermitage R-IV Hermitage High 2011
Hickman Mills C-1 Ruskin High School 2005
Hickory Co. R-I Skyline High 2000
Higbee R-VIII Higbee High 2013
Hillsboro R-III Hillsboro High 2001
Hogan Preparatory Academy Hogan Preparatory Academy 2011
Holcomb R-III Holcomb High 2010
Holden R-III Holden High 2006
Hollister R-V Hollister High 2010
Hope Academy Hope Academy 2013
Houston R-I Houston High 1999
Humansville R-IV Humansville High 2013
Hume R-VIII Hume High 2013
Hurley R-I Hurley High 2004
Iberia R-V Iberia High 2010
Independence 30 Independence Academy 2021
Independence 30 Truman High 1998
Independence 30 Van Horn High 2008
Independence 30 William Chrisman High 1998
Iron Co C-4 Viburnum High 2013
Jackson R-II Jackson Sr. High 2010
Jamestown C-1 Jamestown C-I High 2010
Jasper Co. R-V Jasper High 2013
Jefferson C-123 Jefferson High 2013
Jefferson City Jefferson City High 1997
Jefferson City Capital City High School 2020
Jefferson City Nichols Career Center 2021
Jefferson Co. R-VII Jefferson High School 2013
Jennings Jennings High 2013
Johnson Co. R-VII Crest Ridge High 2011
Joplin Schools Franklin Technology Center 2021
Joplin Schools Joplin High 1998
Kansas City 33 African Cent College Prep 2013
Kansas City 33 Central Academy of Excellence 2014
Kansas City 33 East High School 2003
Kansas City 33 Lincoln College Prep. 2006
Kansas City 33 Manual Career & Tech. Center 2021
Kansas City 33 Northeast High 2013
Kansas City 33 Paseo Acad. Of Performing Arts 2003
Kansas City 33 Southeast High School 2021
Kansas City 33 Southwest Early College Campus 2014
Kansas City 33 Success Academy 2021
Kearney R-I Kearney High 2012
Kennett 39 Kennett Career & Tech. Center 2021
Kennett 39 Kennett High 1999
Keytesville R-III Keytesville High 2013
King City R-1 King City High 2013
Kingston K-14 Kingston High 2010
Kingsville R-I Kingsville High 2011
KIPP St. Louis KIPP St. Louis High 2021
Kirksville R-III Kirksville Area Tech. Ctr. 2021
Kirksville R-III Kirksville Sr. High 1997
Kirkwood R-VII Kirkwood Sr. High 2011
Knob Noster R-VIII Knob Noster High 1997
Knox Co. R-I Knox Co. High 2000
La Monte R-IV La Monte High 2013
La Plata R-II La Plata High 2013
Laclede Co. R-I Conway High 2008
Ladue Ladue Horton Watkins High 2014
Lafayette Co. C-1 Lafayette Co. High 2012
Lakeland R-III Lakeland High 2013
Lamar R-I Lamar High 2000
Lamar R-I Lamar Career & Technical Center 2021
Lamar R-I Lockwood Special Education Coop. 2021
Laquey R-V Laquey R-V High 2010
Lathrop R-II Lathrop High 2013
Lawson R-XIV Lawson High 2000
Lebanon R-III Hillcrest Education Center 2021
Lebanon R-III Lebanon Sr. High 2000
Lebanon R-III Lebanon Tech. & Career Center 2021
Lee's Summit R-VII Lee's Summit North High 2003
Lee's Summit R-VII Lee's Summit Sr. High 2003
Lee's Summit R-VII Lee's Summit West High 2006
Lee's Summit R-VII Miller Park Center 2021
Leeton R-X Leeton High 2011
Leopold R-III Leopold High 2013
Lesterville R-IV Alternative School  2021
Lesterville R-IV Lesterville High 2013
Lewis Co. C-1 Highland Jr-Sr. High 2012
Lexington R-V Lexington High 1997
Lexington R-V Lex La-Ray Technical Center 2021
Liberal R-II Liberal High 2013
Liberty 53 Liberty Academy 2021
Liberty 53 Liberty High 2002
Liberty 53 Liberty North High School 2011
Licking R-VIII Licking High 2003
Life for Life Academy Life for Life Academy High School 2013
Lincoln R-II Lincoln High 2008
Lindbergh Schools Lindbergh Sr. High 1997
Linn Co. R-I Linn Co. High 2002
Lockwood R-I Lockwood High 2012
Logan-Rogersville R-VIII Logan-Rogersville High 1997
Lone Jack C-6 Lone Jack High 2010
Louisiana R-II Louisiana High 2013
Lutie R-VI Lutie High 2010
Macks Creek R-V Macks Creek High 2002
Macon Co. R-I Family Literacy Center 2021
Macon Co. R-I Macon Area CTE Center 2021
Macon Co. R-I Macon Sr. High 1999
Macon Co. R-IV Macon Co. High 2000
Madison C-3 Madison High 2012
Malden R-I Malden High 2000
Malta Bend R-V Malta Bend High 2010
Mansfield R-IV Mansfield High 2001
Maplewood-Richmond Hgts Maplewood-Richmond High 2013
Marceline R-V Marceline High 2001
Maries Co. R-I Vienna High 2012
Maries Co. R-II Belle High 2008
Marion C. Early R-V Marion C. Early High 2008
Marion Co. R-II Marion Co. High 2009
Marionville R-IX Marionville High 2013
Marquand-Zion R-VI Marquand-Zion High 2013
Marshall Marshall Sr. High 1998
Marshfield R-I Marshfield High 1999
Maryville R-II Maryville High 2002
Maryville R-II Northwest Technical School 2021
Maysville R-I Maysville Jr-Sr. High 2011
McDonald Co. R-I McDonald County High 2009
Meadow Heights R-II Meadow Heights High 2010
Meadville R-IV Meadville High 1999
Mehlville R-IX Mehlville High School 1999
Mehlville R-IX Oakville Sr. High 1997
Meramec Valley R-III Pacific High 1998
Mexico 59 Davis H. Hart Career Center 2021
Mexico 59 Mexico High 1998
Miami R-I Miami High 2013
Mid-Buchanan Co. R-V Mid-Buchanan Sr. High 2019
Midway R-I Midway High 2013
Milan C-2 Milan High 2000
Miller Co. R-III Tuscumbia High 2012
Miller R-II Miller High 2008
Missouri School For The Deaf Wheeler High 2021
Moberly Moberly Area Technical Center 2021
Moberly Moberly Sr. High 1999
Moberly North Central Regional 2021
Monett R-I Monett High 1998
Monett R-I Scott Regional Tech Center 2021
Moniteau Co. R-I California High 2010
Monroe City R-I Monroe City R-I High 2011
Montgomery Co. R-II Montgomery Co. High 1997
Montrose R-XIV Montrose High 2012
Morgan Co. R-I Morgan Co. R-I High 2010
Morgan Co. R-II Morgan Co. High 2004
Mound City R-II Mound City High 2013
Mountain Grove R-III Mountain Grove High 2000
Mountain Grove R-III Ozark Mountain Technical Center 2021
Mountain View-Birch Tree R-III Liberty Sr. High 2000
Mt. Vernon R-V Mt. Vernon High 2000
Naylor R-II Naylor High 2013
Neelyville R-IV Neelyville High 2014
Neosho R-V Neosho High 2000
Nevada R-V Nevada High 1999
Nevada R-V Nevada Regional Tech. Center 2021
New Bloomfield R-III New Bloomfield High 2002
New Franklin R-I New Franklin Middle-High 1997
New Haven New Haven High 2009
New Madrid Co. R-I Central High 2012
New Madrid Co. R-I New Madrid R-I Tech Skills Center 2021
Newburg R-II Newburg High 2012
Newton-Harris R-III Newton-Harris High 2013
Niangua R-V Niangua High 2012
Nixa R-II Nixa High 2000
Nodaway-Holt R-VII Nodaway-Holt Jr.-Sr. High 2013
Norborne R-VIII Norborne High 2013
Normandy Normandy High 2013
North Andrew Co. R-VI North Andrew High 2013
North Callaway Co. R-I North Callaway High 1999
North Daviess R-III North Daviess High 2014
North Harrison R-III North Harrison High 2009
North Kansas City 74 Center For Educational Development 2021
North Kansas City 74 North Kansas City High 1997
North Kansas City 74 Oak Park High 1997
North Kansas City 74 Staley High 2008
North Kansas City 74 Winnetonka High 1997
North Mercer Co. R-III Mercer High 2013
North Nodaway Co. R-VI North Nodaway Jr.-Sr. High 2010
North Pemiscot Co. R-I North Pemiscot Sr. High 2014
North Platte Co R-I North Platte High 2011
North Platte Co R-I Platte Valley Coop. 2021
North Shelby North Shelby High 2002
North St. Francois Co. R-I North Co. Sr. High 1997
North St. Francois Co. R-I Unitec Career Center 2021
Northeast Nodaway Co. R-V Northeast Nodaway High 2012
Northeast Randolph Co. R-IV Northeast High 1998
Northeast Vernon Co. R-I Northeast Vernon Co. R-I High 2013
Northwest R-I Northwest High 1999
Northwestern R-I Northwestern High 2003
Norwood R-I Norwood High 2002
Oak Grove R-VI Oak Grove High 2009
Oak Ridge R-VI Oak Ridge High 2002
Odessa R-VII Odessa High 2001
Oran R-III Oran High 2013
Orchard Farm R-V Orchard Farm Sr. High 2001
Oregon-Howell R-III Koshkonong High 2002
Orrick R-XI Orrick High 2013
Osage Co R-I Chamois High 2013
Osage Co. R-II Linn High 1998
Osage Co. R-III Fatima High 2010
Osborn R-O Osborn High 2013
Osceola Osceola Jr.-Sr. High 2000
Otterville R-VI Otterville High 2010
Ozark R-VI Ozark High 2001
Palmyra R-I Palmyra High 2000
Paris R-II Paris High 2011
Park Hill Lead Innovation Studio 2021
Park Hill Park Hill High 1999
Park Hill Park Hill South High 1999
Park Hill Russell Jones Ed. Center 2021
Parkway C-2 Central High 2011
Parkway C-2 Fern Ridge High 2011
Parkway C-2 North High 2011
Parkway C-2 South High 2011
Parkway C-2 West High 2011
Pattonsburg R-II Pattonsburg High 2013
Pattonville R-III Pattonville Sr. High 2002
Pemiscot Co. Special School District Oak View Learning Center 2021
Pemiscot Co. Special School District Pemiscot Co. Career & Tech Center 2021
Perry Co. 32 Perryville Area Career & Tech Center 2021
Perry Co. 32 Perryville Sr. High 1999
Pettis Co. R-V Northwest High 2013
Pierce City R-VI Pierce City High 2002
Pike Co. R-III Clopton High 2013
Pike Co. R-III Pike/Lincoln Technical Center 2021
Pilot Grove C-4 Pilot Grove High 2012
Plato R-V Plato High 2007
Platte Co. R-III Northland Career Center 2021
Platte Co. R-III Platte County High 1999
Pleasant Hill R-III Pleasant Hill High 2004
Pleasant Hill R-III Pleasant Hope Ranch School 2021
Pleasant Hope R-V Pleasant Hope High 2012
Polo R-VII Polo High 2013
Poplar Bluff R-I Poplar Bluff High 1999
Poplar Bluff R-I Poplar Bluff Tech. Career Center 2021
Portageville Portageville High 2010
Potosi R-III Potosi High 1999
Prairie Home R-V Prairie Home High 2004
Princeton R-V Princeton R-V Jr.-Sr. High 2002
Purdy R-II Purdy High 2012
Putnam Co. R-I Putnam Co. High 1999
Puxico R-VIII Mingo Puxico Technical High 2021
Puxico R-VIII Puxico High 2000
Ralls Co. R-II Mark Twain Sr. High 2011
Raymore-Peculiar R-II Raymore-Peculiar Sr. High 2000
Raytown C-2 Herndon Career Center 2021
Raytown C-2 Northwood School 2021
Raytown C-2 Raytown Education Center 2021
Raytown C-2 Raytown South Sr. High 2004
Raytown C-2 Raytown Sr. High 2004
Reeds Spring R-IV Gibson Technical Center 2021
Reeds Spring R-IV New Horizons Alternative 2021
Reeds Spring R-IV Reeds Spring High 1997
Republic R-III Republic High 1998
Rich Hill R-IV Rich Hill High 2013
Richland R-I Richland High 2012
Richland R-IV Richland High 2009
Richmond R-XVI Richmond High 1997
Ridgeway R-V Ridgeway High 2013
Risco R-II Risco High 2013
Ritenour Ritenour Sr. High 2008
Riverview Gardens Riverview Gardens Sr. High 2001
Rock Port R-II Rock Port High 2013
Rockwood R-VI Eureka Sr. High 2010
Rockwood R-VI Lafayette Sr. High 2010
Rockwood R-VI Marquette Sr. High 2010
Rockwood R-VI Rockwood Summit Sr. High 2010
Rolla 31 Rolla Sr. High 1997
Rolla 31 Rolla Technical Center 2021
Rolla 31 Rolla Technical Inst. 2021
Salem R-80 Salem Sr. High 1999
Salisbury R-IV Salisbury High 2003
Santa Fe R-X Santa Fe High 2003
Sarcoxie R-II Sarcoxie High 2012
Savannah R-III Savannah High 2009
School Of The Osage Osage High 2003
Schuyler Co. R-I Schuyler Co. High 2001
Scotland Co. R-I Scotland Co. High 2008
Scott City R-I Scott City High 2013
Scott Co. Central Scott Co. Central High 2013
Scott Co. R-IV Thomas W Kelly High 2011
Sedalia 200 Smith-Cotton High School 1997
Senath-Hornersville C-8 Senath-Hornersville Sr. High 2013
Seneca R-VII Seneca High 2002
Seymour R-II Seymour High 2004
Shelby Co. R-IV South Shelby High 2000
Sheldon R-VIII Sheldon High 2013
Sherwood Cass R-VIII Sherwood High 2010
Sikeston R-6 Sikeston Career & Tech Center 2021
Sikeston R-6 Sikeston Sr. High 1999
Silex R-I Silex High 2013
Slater Saline Co. Career Center 2021
Slater Slater High 2003
Smithton R-VI Smithton High 2006
Smithville R-II Smithville High 1998
South Callaway Co. R-II South Callaway High 2009
South Harrison Co. R-II North Central Career Center 2021
South Harrison Co. R-II South Harrison High 1999
South Holt Co. R-I South Holt High 2014
South Iron Co. R-I South Iron High 1997
South Nodaway Co R-IV South Nodaway High 2011
South Pemiscot Co R-V South Pemiscot High 2013
Southern Boone Co. R-I Southern Boone High 2000
Southern Reynolds Co. R-II Ellington High School 2013
Southland C-9 Southland High 2013
Southwest Livingston Co. R-I Southwest Livingston Co. R-I HS 2011
Southwest R-V Southwest High 2010
Sparta R-III Sparta High 2003
Special School District Hiram Neuwoehner 2021
Special School District North Technical High School 2015
Special School District Northview 2021
Special School District South Technical 2021
Special School District Southview High 2021
Spokane R-VII Spokane High 2002
Springfield R-XII Central High 1997
Springfield R-XII Glendale High 2000
Springfield R-XII Hillcrest High 2009
Springfield R-XII Kickapoo High 2009
Springfield R-XII Launch Program 2023
Springfield R-XII Parkview High 2000
Springfield R-XII Phelps Gifted Center 2021
Springfield R-XII Study Alternative High 2021
St. Charles R-VI Lewis & Clark Career Center 2021
St. Charles R-VI St. Charles High 1997
St. Charles R-VI St. Charles West High 1997
St. Clair R-XIII Franklin Co. Special Ed. Coop. 2021
St. Clair R-XIII St. Clair High 1999
St. Elizabeth R-IV St. Elizabeth High 2002
St. James R-I St. James High 1997
St. Joseph Alt. Resource Center 2021
St. Joseph Benton High 2003
St. Joseph Buchanan Co. Academy 2021
St. Joseph Central High 2021
St. Joseph Hillyard Technical Center 2021
St. Joseph Lafayette High 1997
St. Louis City ACE Gateway 2013
St. Louis City Ace Northwest 2013
St. Louis City ACE Roosevelt 2013
St. Louis City ACE Sumner 2013
St. Louis City Beaumont High School 2011
St. Louis City Big Picture HS at NW 2011
St. Louis City Blewett Academy 2013
St. Louis City Carnahan School of the Future 2011
St. Louis City Central VPA High School 2011
St. Louis City Cleveland Jr Naval Academy 2011
St. Louis City Clyde C. Miller Career Academy 2011
St. Louis City Collegiate School Of Med/Bio 2021
St. Louis City Community Access Job Training 2011
St. Louis City Fresh Start Academy 2013
St. Louis City Gateway High School 2011
St. Louis City Griscom 2013
St. Louis City McKinley Class Leadership Ac. 2011
St. Louis City Med/Bio Science High 2013
St. Louis City Metro High 2011
St. Louis City Miller Career Academy 2021
St. Louis City Multi Path Stevens 2013
St. Louis City New American Prep 2013
St. Louis City Roosevelt High 2011
St. Louis City Soldan International Studies 2011
St. Louis City Sumner High 2011
St. Louis City The College Preparatory High 2013
St. Louis City Transportation and Law 2011
St. Louis City Vashon High 2011
Stanberry R-II Stanberry High 2013
Ste. Genevieve Co. R-II Ste. Genevieve Sr. High 2002
Steelville R-III Steelville High 2007
Stewartsville C-2 Stewartsville High 2013
Stockton R-I Stockton High 2011
Stoutland R-II Stoutland High 2008
Strafford R-VI Strafford High 2012
Sturgeon R-V MOCA-S (Connections Academy) 2023
Sturgeon R-V Sturgeon High 2012
Sullivan Sullivan Sr. High 2000
Summersville R-II Summersville High 1999
Sweet Springs R-VII Sweet Springs High 2008
Tarkio R-I Tarkio High 2012
Thayer R-II Thayer Sr. High 2002
Tina-Avalon R-II Tina-Avalon High 2012
Tipton R-VI Tipton High 2010
Trenton R-IX Trenton Sr. High 1998
Tri-County R-VII Tri-County High 2012
Troy R-III Troy Buchanan High 2010
Twin Rivers R-X Twin Rivers High 2000
Union R-XI Union High 2003
Union Star R-II Union Star High School 2013
University Academy University Academy -Upper 2021
University City University City Sr. High 2012
Valley Park Valley Park Sr. High 1999
Valley R-VI Valley High 2013
Van Buren R-I Van Buren High 2013
Van-Far R-I Van-Far Jr./Sr. High 2010
Verona R-II Verona High 2012
Walnut Grove R-V Walnut Grove High 2010
Warren Co. R-III Warrenton High 1997
Warrensburg R-VI Gateway Educational Center 2021
Warrensburg R-VI Warrensburg Area Career Center 2021
Warrensburg R-VI Warrensburg High 2002
Warsaw R-IX Warsaw High 2001
Washington Four Rivers Career Center 2021
Washington Washington High 2002
Waynesville R-VI Waynesville Career Center 2021
Waynesville R-VI Waynesville Sr. High 1997
Weaubleau R-III Weaubleau High 2013
Webb City R-VII Webb City High 1999
Webster Groves Webster Groves High 2001
Wellington-Napoleon R-IX Wellington-Napoleon High 2008
Wellsville Middletown R-I Wellsville High 2008
Wentzville R-IV Emil E. Holt Sr. High 1997
Wentzville R-IV Liberty High School 2013
Wentzville R-IV North Point High School 2022
Wentzville R-IV Timberland High 2002
West Nodaway Co R-I West Nodaway High 2012
West Plains R-VII South Central Career Center 2021
West Plains R-VII West Plains Sr. High 1997
West Platte Co. R-II West Platte High 2008
West St. Francois Co. R-IV West County High 2008
Westran R-I Westran High 2013
Wheatland R-II Wheatland High 2013
Wheaton R-III Wheaton High 2012
Willard R-II Willard High 2000
Willow Springs R-IV Willow Springs High 1998
Windsor C-1 Windsor High 2007
Winfield R-IV Winfield High 2009
Winona R-III Winona High 2000
Winston R-VI Winston High 2013
Woodland R-IV Woodland High 2009
Worth Co. R-III Worth Co. High 2013
Wright City R-II Wright City High 2001
Zalma R-V Zalma High 2011
A+ Designated Private Schools
School Name City Year Designated
Al Salam College Prep Ballwin 2018
Applewood Christian School, Inc Sedalia 2018
Archbishop O'Hara High School Kansas City 2017
Barat Academy Chesterfield 2017
Battlefield Christian Academy Battlefield 2020
Benedicite Education Wentzville 2022
Berean Christian Academy Monett 2018
Bethel Academy Grandview 2023
Bishop Dubourg High School St. Louis 2017
Bishop LeBlond` St. Joseph 2018
Blue Ridge Christian School Kansas City 2017
Calvary Lutheran High School Jefferson City 2017
Cardinal Ritter College Prep St. Louis 2017
Center Place Restoration School Independence 2018
Christian Brothers College High School St. Louis 2018
Christian Fellowship School Columbia 2018
Christian High School O'Fallon 2017
Clinton Christian Academy Clinton 2020
College Heights Christian School Joplin 2018
Cor Jesu Academy St. Louis 2017
Cristo Rey Kansas City High School Kansas City 2017
Crosspoint Christian School Villa Ridge 2017
Dayspring Christian School Springfield 2017
Daysprings Academy Maryland Heights 2023
De Smet Jesuit St. Louis 2017
Duchesne High School St. Charles 2017
Eagle Ridge Christian School Cape Girardeau 2022
El Dorado Christian School El Dorado Springs 2017
Empowering Youth And Community Academy Chesterfield 2022
Esther Miller Baus Yaakov HS St. Louis 2020
EYC Academy Chesterfield 2023
Faith Walk Academy Paris 2019
Father Tolton Columbia 2017
Gloria Deo Academy Springfield 2017
Grace Classical Academy Springfield 2017
Grandview Christian School Grandview 2018
Greenwood Laboratory School Springfield 2017
Heartland Christian School Bethel 2017
Helias Catholic High School Jefferson City 2017
Heritage Academy Columbia 2018
Heritage Classical Christian Academy Fenton 2020
Incarnate Word Academy St. Louis 2017
Islamic School of Greater KC Kansas City 2017
John F. Kennedy Catholic High School Manchester 2017
Kennett Christian Academy Kennett 2022
Lee's Summit Academy Lees Summit 2018
Liberty Christian Academy Wright City 2019
Lighthouse Preparatory Academy Jefferson City 2018
Lutheran High School St. Louis 2017
Lutheran High School North St. Louis 2017
Lutheran HS St. Charles St. Peters 2017
Marian Hope Academy Blue Springs 2018
Marshfield Christian School Marshfield 2017
McAuley Catholic High School Joplin 2017
Miriam Academy St. Louis 2020
Mirian Academy St. Louis 2023
Missouri Military Academy Mexico 2017
Mountain Grove Christian Academy Mountain Grove 2017
Mt. Zion Bible School Ava 2019
Neosho Christian Neosho 2017
Neosho Christian School Neosho 2022
Nerinx Hall Webster Groves 2017
New Covenant Academy Springfield 2018
New Hope Christian Academy Silva 2020
North County Christian School Kansas City 2017
Northland Christian Florissant 2017
Notre dame de Sion Kansas City 2017
Notre Dame High School Lemay Township 2017
Notre Dame High School Cape Girardeau 2019
Our Savior Christian Academy Smithville 2017
Ozarks Christian Academy West Plains 2019
Park Avenue Christian School Springfield 2017
Plaza Heights Christian Academy Blue Springs 2018
Principia Schools St. Louis 2018
Providence Classical Christian Academy Sappington 2022
Rockhurst High School Kansas City 2018
Rosati-Kain High school St. Louis 2017
Round Grove Christian Academy Miller 2023
Sacred Heart High School Sedalia 2017
Saxony Lutheran High School Jackson 2017
Springfield Catholic High School Springfield 2017
St. Dominic High School O'Fallon 2017
St. Francis Borgia Regional High School Washington 2017
St. John Paul II Preparatory School St. Charles 2023
St. John Vianney High School Kirkwood 2017
St. Joseph Christian School St. Joseph 2017
St. Joseph's Academy St. Louis 2017
St. Louis University High School St. Louis 2022
St. Mary's High School St. Louis 2017
St. Michael Archangel Catholic High School Lee's Summit 2022
St. Pius High School-KC Kansas City 2017
St. Pius High School-St. Louis Festus 2017
St. Teresa's Academy Kansas City 2017
St. Vincent High School Perryville 2017
Summit Christian Academy Lee's Summit 2017
The Fulton School at St. Albans St. Albans 2018
The Lutheran High School of KC Kansas City 2017
Trinity Catholic High School St. Louis 2017
Trinity Christian Academy Hollister 2017
Trinity Christian Academy Wentzville 2021
Truth Academy Springfield 2019
Ursuline Academy St. Louis 2018
Valle Catholic School Ste. Genevieve 2017
Victory Academy High School Seymour 2018
Victory Road Christian Academy Anderson 2020
Westminister Christian Academy Chesterfield 2017
Westwood Baptist Academy Poplar Bluff 2021
Whitefield Academy Kansas City 2022