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The curriculum services section provides professional services related to the development and implementation of improved curricula in the schools of the state. The unit engages in a broad range of activities including: the preparation and dissemination of curricular materials; in-service training for professional staff members in curriculum development and in specific subject areas; and consultative assistance in solving instructional problems. Consultants provide services upon request in the areas of citizenship education, health and physical education, fine arts, reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, science and library/media. Particular emphasis is placed on assisting schools in aligning curriculum with the Show-Me Standards and the development of written curriculum guides required by the Missouri School Improvement Program and the Outstanding Schools Act.

Summer 2017 Professional Learning Series

In June 2017, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education will offer workshops to help participants implement the new MLS  expectations in English language arts, fine arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Each workshop will be free and designed for school and/or teacher leaders to share information with other Missouri educators.  Check back in March 2017 for specific details regarding registration and attendance. 

For more content area specific information about the workshops contact the following:

ELA – Debbie Jameson at debbie.jameson@dese.mo.gov
ELA – Lisa Scroggs at lisa.scroggs@dese.mo.gov
Fine Arts - Tom Tobias at
Math - Jeremy Ellis at jeremy.ellis@dese.mo.gov
Science - John Kitchens at john.kitchens@dese.mo.gov
Social Studies - Dixie Grupe at dixie.grupe@dese.mo.gov 


2015 National Youth Science Camp

The National Youth Science Camp (NYSC) is a residential science education program that honors and challenges two graduating high school science students from each state.  Two high school seniors will receive a full scholarship to exchange ideas with scientists and other professionals from the academic and corporate worlds.


College Prep Certificates

The Department will no longer produce College Prep Certificates for dissemination. The change is a result of the expectation that all students will be “College and Career Ready,” and that the standards for successful entry into the workplace are the same as those required for successful entrance into a college or university. In addition, graduation requirements now closely reflect the credit standards that had been required for the certificate.  Districts may continue to offer such recognitions locally if desired.

Please contact Jackie Wieberg at (573) 751-4234 if you have additional questions.