DESE MAP Development Meeting Recruitment

Meeting Descriptions
As a part of the assessment development cycle, DESE Assessment invites Missouri educators to participate in the process to help provide expertise. Missouri is always looking for educators to participate in these meetings. If you wish to be considered for participation for any future development meetings, please fill out the following information. Once finished, you will receive an email to the personal email address provided to confirm your submission.

DESE Assessment development meetings include:
  • Alignment Studies - Missouri educators and third-party advisors work together to ensure alignment of forms and items to the Missouri Learning Standards. 
  • Bias and Sensitivity Review - Missouri educators review items for cultural and accessibility bias and sensitivity.
  • Blueprint Review - Missouri educators and assessment contractors work together to develop blueprints for assessment development. The blueprint is the foundation of the assessment.
  • Content Review - Missouri educators review items written by other Missouri educators for content accuracy, fairness, and alignment to the Missouri Learning Standards.
  • ELA Passage Review - Missouri educators review pre-selected ELA passages for content, bias, sensitivity, readability, and grade-level appropriateness.
  • Item Specifications Revisions - Missouri educators review item specifications documents, which are the guiding documents when developing assessment items.
  • Item Writing - Missouri educators write a variety of item types according to the blueprint and item specifications documents.
  • Performance Level Descriptors Development - Missouri educators help define and establish the description of evidence of student level abilities at each student performance level.
  • Performance Level Setting - Missouri educators help define and establish the performance level cuts for new statewide assessments.
  • Stimulus Review - Missouri educators review external materials and resources to be used during the item development process.
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