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English Language Arts

Welcome, ELA Educators!

We have met several new friends during our journey across the state of Missouri over the past few months sharing our enthusiasm for the new Missouri Learning Standards Expectations in English Language Arts.

Watch this site for other ELA resources to follow.

As always, feel free to contact either of us for your ELA needs.

Debbie and Lisa

Debbie Jameson
Director of English Language Arts
[email protected]

Lisa Scroggs
Assistant Director of English Language Arts
[email protected]


English Language Arts Resources 2016-17
These resources are relevant to standards and testing for the 2016-17 school year.

Document Description
Missouri Learning Standards K-12 PDF Standards to be tested during the 2016-17 school year; will not be used after this school year.
Missouri Learning Standards K-12 Word
Missouri Learning Standards K-12 Excel
ELA Assessment Resources Links to achievement level descriptors, test blueprints, practice tests, scoring samples for writing, scoring guides for writing, and writing prompts.

English Language Arts Starting 2017-18
These resources will help educators prepare for implementation of the April 2016-adopted Missouri Learning Standards
Grade Level Expectations and the new state tests starting in the 2017-18 school year.

Document Description
MLS Expectations K-5 PDF Expectations adopted by the Missouri State Board of Education in April 2016; state testing over these new expectations begins during the 2017-18 school year.
MLS Expectations K-5 Word
MLS Expectations 6-12 PDF
MLS Expectations 6-12 Word
MLS Expectations K-12 Excel
Crosswalks K-5 Alignments between the new MLS Expectations and the standards that were used through the 2016-17 school year.
Crosswalks 6-12
Vertical Progressions 6-12 Chart of each new MLS expectation by grade level.
MLS Expectations Terminology 6-12 Explanations and examples for selected terms in the 6-12 MLS Expectations. The PDF version of the 6-12 MLS Expectations contains hyperlinks from the terms to this document.
Gap Analysis Template K-5 Tools to assist educators in implementing changes from the old standards to the new MLS Expectations; guides educators in planning implementation of the new MLS Expectations.
Gap Analysis Template 6-12
Text Complexity Rubric-Literary Tools to assist educators in determining qualitative and quantitative complexity of literary and informational texts.
Text Complexity Rubric-Informational
Text Analysis Form


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​Missouri Learning Standards

Missouri Learning Standards

The 21st Century learner, more than any generation before, is challenged to more fully integrate literacy skills into all of his or her content skills.  From the earliest emergent reading skills, to the most advanced speaking activities, Missouri’s students will need to read, write, listen, speak and effectively use the vocabulary in every course they take, and in every endeavor they pursue.  In order for this to happen, we need to encourage attentive reading, both in informational texts and in literature—in print and digitally.  Students will need to write with purpose in all content areas and in all writing genre—narrative, argument, and explanatory.  When students habitually integrate literacy in a meaningful way, across their day, and across their academic experience, and indeed, across their lives, we will have met the educational promise that leads to life-long learners who look to literacy to enlarge their lives and enrich their experiences.

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