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Curriculum and Assessment in OCCR are pleased to introduce Missouri Learning, Engagement and Preparation. MO LEAP resources were created to support acceleration of learning in Missouri schools. They provide classroom instruction and learning measurement for teachers. Research tells us—and DESE’s Task Force for Learning Acceleration agrees—that the return to learning in fall 2020 should focus on grade-appropriate, standards-aligned instruction with supports for individual student’s learning gaps, not on across-the-board remediation. Built to address this need and with Missouri’s performance expectations in mind, MO LEAP has two categories, Blocks and Assessments.

MO LEAP Blocks, which are instructional resources created to support accelerated learning in the classroom, are most effective when shaped by thoughtful hands of creative educators. They are made up of diverse and complex texts aligned to grade-level standards coupled with flexible tasks and enrichment options. MO LEAP Blocks may be used as a whole, in parts, or integrated separately into instruction. They function equally well when used by individual teachers or teams of teachers.

MO LEAP Assessments help teachers understand the progress that students made on the prior year’s standards and prepare for success. They are non-accountability assessments available for a single administration after school starts in the fall. Results and feedback will be available shortly after administration, so MO LEAP Assessments provide student-specific information that can guide immediate decision making and yearlong planning.

MO LEAP Blocks

Access MO LEAP Blocks here.
The content contained in MO LEAP Blocks focus on problem solving and application of skills, not on memorization of facts. The Blocks are designed to be used flexibly by teachers (in whole or in parts) and woven into curricula as needed. Linked to the MLS and the PLDs, the blocks include scoring guides for open-ended items and stimulus sets with associated questions. Each content area will have a number of Blocks available and districts can choose which ones they wish to download and use. Social Studies Blocks in grades 3-8 are currently available. Additional MO LEAP Blocks will become available in late fall.

MO LEAP Blocks consider:
  • Balancing remediation with on-grade-level curricula
  • Avoiding depletion of instructional time by over-testing
  • Foundations, learning progressions and content spiraling within curricula
  • Cognitive skills students need to demonstrate acquisition of skills
  • Support of rich and robust grade-appropriate curriculum and instruction
  • Understanding that typical or traditional ways of instructing may need to change
  • Importance of student-centered, individual learning
MO LEAP Assessment
MO LEAP ASSESSMENT Statewide Testing Window
Grade-Level (Grades 4-9) August 24 - October 9
High School (EOC) August 31 - September 25

MO LEAP Assessments can be used to evaluate skills and concepts that are essential for students to have learned in SY19-20 in order to be prepared for SY20-21. These assessments are designed to measure the knowledge of content from the previous year by assessing clusters of standards that leverage learning of the current year’s standards.

To measure the readiness for the current year, MO LEAP Assessments “look back” at the previous year’s expectations. For example, MO LEAP Assessments for a student entering 6th grade this fall will cover expectations for 5th grade ELA, math and science. MO LEAP Assessments cover the content and standards of the previous year, thus the test administration at each grade 4-9 must follow the rules, guidelines, instruction and appropriate tools/accommodations of the preceding grade assessment.

The assessments, which can be administered starting in late August, are available for students in grade 4 and above.

2020-2021 Grade Level Available MO LEAP Assessments Students Use
Grade 4 Math and ELA DRC Insight
Grade 5 Math and ELA DRC Insight
Grade 6 Math, ELA and Science DRC Insight
Grade 7 Math and ELA DRC Insight
Grade 8 Math and ELA DRC Insight
Grade 9 Math, ELA and Science DRC Insight
End-of-Course students (Relate to courses taken in 2019-2020) Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Biology, English I, English II, American Government Questar Secure Browser
  • MATH: The 4-9 assessments have 3 sessions. The 3rd session contains a performance event. Calculators are not allowed in grades 4-6 without an IEP/504 Plan. Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry have 2 sessions.
  • ELA: The 4-9 assessments have 4 sessions. The first session is the Reading and Writing Strand. The second session is the Reading Strand. The third session is the Research and Writing Strand. The final session is the Listening Strand. Headphones are required for the final session. English I and English II have two sessions. The first session has listening items and requires headphones and the second contains a writing prompt.
  • SCIENCE: The grades 6 and 9 Science assessments have 2 sessions. Biology and Physical Science have 1 session.
  • SOCIAL STUDIES: The Government assessment has 1 session.

Test administration mirrors the practice and summative tests, so districts should use the manuals found on the MAP Grade-Level and End-of-Course pages under the Manuals/Training tab. More information about assessment availability, test setup, testing, scoring and reporting can be found in the MO LEAP Introduction document.