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DESE is excited to announce the upcoming pilot of our new Data Validation Portal (DVP), which will help automate the time-consuming and manual effort that local education agencies (LEAs) currently use to report data in the MOSIS Data Collection System. With this new tool, LEAs will soon be able to leverage an automated sync of their data directly from their local student information system (SIS) vendor, using the open-source Ed-Fi Data Standard.



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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: What is Ed-Fi?
  • Q: What is DoubleLine?
    • A: DoubleLine is a data and technology strategy-based company based in Austin, TX, that provides services to state and local government agencies and non-profit clients. DoubleLine has partnered with DESE to build the DVP application.
  • Q: What is the DVP?
    • A: DVP stands for Data Validation Portal. The Data Validation Portal is an application that will allow LEAs to submit, validate, and certify data directly from their SIS to DESE in a near real-time process. Over time, this should decrease the burden on LEAs’ data reporting.
  • Q: How can my district or charter join the pilot program?
    • A: Contact your LEA's SIS vendor for more information.
  • Q: When is the Ed-Fi go-live date?
    • A: Ed-Fi will go live in July of 2025.
  • Q: Will DESE provide training on how to use the DVP?
    • A: Yes. You will find Training links above, and this page will be updated as more training information becomes available.
  • Q: Who can I contact if I have further questions?