New Personnel Resources

If you are a new data submitter for your district or charter, this page lists all the resources you'll need for Core Data/MOSIS data submissions. Download a PDF version of this page here.

List of Resources

Access to DESE Web Applications
Your district or charter’s user manager can grant you the appropriate access to Core Data Collection, MOSIS ID Assignment, DirectMatch, and/or MOSIS Data Collection in DESE Web Applications. Start by creating an account at the DESE Applications Sign-in page. 

Reference Manual
Bookmark this page! The Core Data/MOSIS manual contains guidance on all Core Data and MOSIS submissions. It is broken down into cycles and additional exhibits.

Subscribe to the Core Data/MOSIS listserv to be notified when we open cycles, hold webinars, and make updates to the MOSIS system. (Individuals who are listed as the Core Data or MOSIS contacts on Screen 03 of Core Data are automatically subscribed.) 

Locate all dates for all collection cycles and assessment precode collections here.

Layouts, Rules, Excel Templates
The File Layouts page lists all required fields, definitions, business rules, and file templates for each MOSIS collection.

Code Sets
View all applicable codes used in data submissions.

Find helpful tutorials for the MOSIS ID System, DirectMatch, and the MOSIS Data Collection System.

All webinars are located on the Training page noted above. In the bulleted list on the right side of the page, select the Training link first. This will activate a subset of links to the six cycles directly under the Training link.

LEA/Attendance Center Changes Form
Submit this form for any grade span changes, or to add or remove a building for your district/charter.  

DESE Contacts
Check this document if you’re not sure who to contact at DESE when you have questions about specific Core Data screens.

Core Data/MOSIS Data Submission Process

Below are the basic steps of the data submission process:

Additional Training Materials

The main training items you will need for the MOSIS systems can be found on our Training page (linked above and to the right). This page also breaks down the six reporting cycles. The documents below provide additional guidance.

Helpful Links


Email the Core Data/MOSIS team at