Special Education Data

The Special Education Data Section within the Office of Special Education supports the mission of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Vision of the Division of Learning Services by providing training, support, and guidance in reporting and utilizing special education data. The Special Education Section also assists in setting state IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) Indicator targets, meeting state and federal reporting requirements, as well as creating and distributing state and LEA (local educational agencies) profiles.


For information on MOSIS (including file template, code sets and the MOSIS Reference Manual) see Core Data/MOSIS


Contact Information
    Mary Corey, Coordinator                           (573) 751-8165
    Tori Chance, Data Planner                          (573) 522-0071
    Seunghee Han, Data Planner                     (573) 526-4995
    Kristy Luebbert, Data Specialist                 (573) 751-7848
    Email:   speddata@dese.mo.gov