Data Reports

Welcome to the Special Education Data Reports page. On this page you will find links to the federal and state reports for LEAs including the 618 data submissions, the SPP/APR, and the State Education Profiles.  

State Performance Plan / Annual Performance Report

State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report 

Part C (First Steps, Birth to Age 3)

Federal Reports (Section 618 Data Submissions)

Part C Federal Reports

Child Count

First Steps Homepage 

Part B (Age 3 to Age 21)

Federal Reports (Section 618 Data Submissions)

Part B Federal Reports 

Child Count School Age and Early Childhood

Child Count by disability and age - statewide

Child Count by disability and age groups - by county

Child Count by District

School Age Incidence Rates by disability and year - statewide

Special Education Profiles

Special Education State Profile

Special Education District Profiles

Special Education District Profile Review Guide

Special Education Profile Access Instructions

Special Education Profile Instruction Webinar (updates coming soon)

Webinar Slides with Notes

Webinar Slides Without Notes


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