Section Staff:

Pam Victor, Chief Budget Officer
Melinda Cardone, Budget Director
Vacant, Agency Budget Analyst
Joshua Hale, Executive Assistant


Phone: (573) 751-1615

Section Responsibilities:

This section is responsible for preparing and presenting the Department's annual budget request, implementing and monitoring the approved budget, preparing fiscal responses as requested by the Legislative Oversight Division and providing additional information requested by the Office of Administration, Governor's Office, House of Representatives and Senate.

This section is also maintains the Department's state fleet and the Department's recycling program as a member of the Missouri Interagency Recycling Committee.

The State Board's annual budget request includes items to continue funding for programs and initiate items included in long-range planning or mandated by legislation. 

Fiscal Year 2023

Fiscal Year 2022

Fiscal Year 2021

Fiscal Year 2020

Fiscal Year 2019

Fiscal Year 2018