Agricultural Education

Missouri Agricultural Education Vision

Agricultural education envisions a world where all people value and understand the vital role of agriculture and natural resources in advancing personal and global well-being. 

Missouri Agricultural Education Mission 

Agricultural education prepares students for successful careers and a lifetime of informed choices in the global agriculture, food, fiber, and natural resources systems. 



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2020-21 VA-3 State Summary

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MO Ag Ed Annual Report - "Preparing for Success"

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2024 State FFA Convention Updates

Summary of CDE Changes for 2024 State Convention 

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Ag Mech Tool & Part ID List 2024

Poultry Science Manual for CDE’s 7th edition Table of Contents

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Adult Education 

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Agricultural Education State Staff
Agricultural Education
Department of Elementary & Secondary Education
205 Jefferson Street
P.O. Box 480
Jefferson City, MO  65102-0480

Keith Dietzschold,  Director
State Advisor MO FFA Association
Lee Crabtree - Supervisor, Northwest District
18 SE 150th Rd.
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Marie Davis - Northeast District
Executive Treasurer MO FFA Association
9557 Pike 9037
Bowling Green, MO 63334
Lisa Evans, Supervisor - Central District
Executive Secretary MO Young Farmer & Young Farm Wives
Jim Spencer Jr., Supervisor - Southwest District
18438 Lawrence 2240
Aurora, MO 65605
David Higgins, Supervisor
Southeast & South Central Districts
Executive Secretary MO PAS Organization
Route 1, Box 235
Vanzant, MO 65768
Teresa Briscoe
Agricultural Education Leadership Supervisor
Tracy Bieri , Administrative Assistant
Agriculture Education
Kathy Kilmer, Administrative Assistant
Agriculture Education

2023-24 Calendar 

CDE Handbook

Cover and Table of Contents (updated 10/23)

Guidelines (updated 10/23)

Agriculture Mechanics (updated 10/23)

Agriculture Mechanics Tool & Part ID List (update 2/1/24)

Agriculture Mechanics Scantron (updated 11/18/09)

Agricultural Sales (updated 10/23)

Agricultural Sales Scantron (updated11/18/09)

Agricultural Sales Form A (updated 1/26/12)

Agricultural Sales Practicum 1 (updated 4/11/17)

Agricultural Sales Practicum 2 (updated 4/11/17)

Agricultural Sales Practicum 3 (updated 4/11/17)

Agricultural Sales Practicum 4 (updated 4/11/17)

Agricultural Sales Practicum 5 (updated 4/11/17)

Agronomy (updated 2/2/24)

Agronomy Facts Sheet (updated 2/1/24)

Agronomy Scantron (updated 1/15/19)

Dairy Cattle (updated 2/22/24)

Appendix A (updated 1/21/10)

Dairy Cattle Handlers (updated 1/21/10)

Dairy Cattle Scantron (updated 3/5/09)

Dairy Foods (updated 10/23)

Dairy Foods Sample Problem (3/5/03)

Dairy Foods Scantron (update 3/6/17)

Entomology (updated 10/23)

Entomology Scantron (1/7/14)

Farm Management (updated 10/23)

Farm Management Scantron (updated 11/18/09)

Previous years exams provided by Ron Plain

Floriculture (updated 2/22/24)

Floriculture Scantron (updated 1/19/17)

Floriculture Appendix (updated 11/22/17)

Food Science (updated 12/1/23)

Food Science Scantron (update 2/20/20)

Forestry (updated 1/5/23)

Forestry Scantron (updated 1/19/22)

Horse (updated 12/1/21)

Horse Scantron (updated 3/30/06)

Livestock (updated 12/1/21)

Beef Selection Performance Data Activity Example (updated 12/1/21)

Livestock Scantron (3/5/09)

Meats (updated 3/11/22)

Meats Scantron (updated 12/1/21)

Nursery-Landscape (updated 2/24/22)

Nursery-Landscape Scantron (updated 3/5/17)

Poultry (updated 12/1/21)

Poultry Scantron (updated 12/1/21)

Poultry Science Manual for CDE’s 7th edition Table of Contents (updated 1/17/23)

Soils (updated 12/1/21)

Soils Scantron (updated 10/7/22)

Soils Appendix-I (updated 12/1/21)

Soils Appendix-II (updated 12/2/10)

Soils Interpretation (updated 2/28/19)

Soils Scorecard (updated 12/2/10)

FFA General Guidelines and Leadership Rules (updated 10/23)

Creed Speaking (updated 10/7/22)

Extemporaneous Public Speaking (updated 10/7/22)

Prepared Public Speaking (updated 10/23)

Sample APA Cover Page (updated 12/30/19)

Comment Card (updated 3/18/11

FFA Knowledge (updated 1/1/23)

MO FFA Ag Ed Facts for Knowledge LDE (updated 1/31/24)

Parliamentary Procedure (updated 10/18/22)

Conduct of Chapter Meetings (updated 10/7/22)

Parliamentary & Conduct Comment Card (update 10/7/22)

Employment Skills (updated 10/23)

Ag Issues Forum (updated 10/23)

Ag Issues Portfolio Presentation Comment Card (updated 10/7/22)

FFA Books (updated 10/7/22) Includes: Record Books, Secretary's Books, Treasurer's Books & Scrapbooks 

Secretary Book Example (revised 10/7/22)

Treasurer Book Example (revised 10/7/22)

LDE Snake Order Ranking Card (updated 12/30/19)

MSU Ag Communications CDE Guidelines

MSU Ag Communications CDE Study Tips

Colleges with Agriculture Educations Programs

Missouri State University - Springfield

Dr. Jim Hutter


Northwest Missouri State University - Maryville

Jackie Lacy


College of the Ozarks - Point Lookout

Donn Russell


University of Missouri - Columbia

Dr. Jon Simonsen


Southeast Missouri State University - Cape Girardeau

Marissa Wilson


University of Central Missouri - Warrensburg

Dr. Krystle Gremaud


Lincoln University - Jefferson City 

Kimberly Cash 


FFA Homepage


MVATA Awards  |  MVATA Committees  |  MVATA District/Area Officers  |  MVATA Executive Committee

The Missouri Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association (MVATA) is composed of certified teachers of Vocational Agriculture who teach in the secondary, adult, and post-secondary schools of Missouri.
The purpose of MVATA is to improve Agricultural Education as a profession and to improve agriculture and agri-business as vocations in the state of Missouri.

MVATA Handbook

NAAE.jpg  (59.2 kb) 

Map of MVATA Districts & Areas 

NAAE regions.jpg (76.5 kb) 

NAAE organizational chart.jpg (27.8 kb) 


Missouri Professional Agricultural Student Organization (PAS)

Mission Statement  
The National Postsecondary Agricultural Student Organization provides opportunities for individual growth, leadership and career preparation.

PAS Motto
Uniting Education & Industry in Agriculture

The organization was officially founded in March 1980 in Kansas City, Missouri with the adoption of their by-laws.

State PAS Officers

Back Row Left to Right:  Joshua Eckhart - Treasurer (NCMC), Kellen Hogenmiller - Reporter (STCM)

Front Row Left to Right:  Maci Shaw - Vice President (OTC), Cooper Hamlin - President (SFCC), 

Brinkley Young - Secretary (OTC), Not pictured:  Xander Metcalf - Parliamentarian (STCM)

For Additional Information Contact:

David Higgins - PAS Executive Secretary

Missouri - PAS Member Colleges

National PAS Home Page

Career Planning

Career Progress 

Planning Handbook Chapters 1 - 6

Chapter 1 Program Philosophy and Objectives

Chapter 2 Advisory Committee

Chapter 3 Agriculture, Community, Student and Graduate Information Chapter 4 Course Selection: Descriptions, Rationales and Rotations Chapter 5 Course of Study:  Competency Profiles and Instructional Calendars Chapter 6 Student Assessment and Lesson Planning 
Planning Handbook Chapters 7 - 13

Chapter 7 Summer Program

Chapter 8 Experiential Learning (Supervised Agricultural Experience Program)

Chapter 9 FFA Chapter Program of Activities

Chapter 10 Adult Agricultural Education

Chapter 11 Instructional Facilities, Equipment, Inventory Management, Financing, and Student Safety

Chapter 12 Instructional Personnel

Chapter 13 Program Improvement and Evaluation

Program Management

Standards and Quality Indicators for Agriculture Program Improvement

Standards and Quality Indicators for Agriculture Program Improvement

National Quality Program Standards

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Animal Science

Animals & Animals Products - General Information

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Beef Gonomics Curriculum

Alternative Farming Systems

Aquaculture, Viticutlure and Alternative Livestock and Crop Production

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Careers careers

Conservation & Natural Resources

MO Dept of Conservation

MO Dept of Natural Resources

That Quail Place - All About Gamebirds

Dairy Cattle Science

MooMilk -- A dynamic adventure into the dairy industry


Entomological Society of America

Insect Image Gallery-Texas

Iowa State University Entomology Image Gallery

Orkin--Answers To Your Pest Problems

Farm Safety

Show-Me Farm Safety

NFU Safety on the Farm


MO Center for Agroforestry

The Davey Tree Expert Company

Walnut Council

Global Ag

FAS Online Home

FFA Global Programs Resources

FFA International Scenarios

International Travel Homepage


Horticulture - AgEBB

Seasonal Flower Descriptions,Suggestions

Lesson Aids

Assessment Rubrics


Misc. - agriculture information, markets, auctions and commentary

Missouri Maps- interactive

The GLOBE Program

Parliamentary Procedure

National Association of Parliamentarians

Official Robert's Rules Of Order Web Site

Parli Pro Instructional Materials Center

Robert McConnell Productions -- Your Parli ProResource


American Egg Board

U.S. Poultry & Egg Association

Interactive Chicken Breed Selector

Soils Science

Oklahoma Land Judging

State Reports

To Download - Right Click on the File Name or icon & Choose Save Target As 

Agriculture Teacher Monthly Report (VA-1)

Preliminary Report of Agriculture Education Program  (VA-2 ) Due September 30

Summary of Completed Supervised Agriculture Experience Programs  (VA-3) Due February 1

Annual Report of Agriculture Department (VA-5) Due July 1 

Yearly Report Template (Presented at Fall Workshops 1999) 

Reimbursement Request for Approved Career Education (FV-2) Expenditures Equipment Due February 1st

Application for Matching Funds for Equipment 50/50 money (FV-4) Due July 1

Career Education Enhancement Grant Applications


Mission Of Missouri Young Farmers/Young Farm Wives

The Mission of the Missouri Young Farmers/Young Farm Wives Association (YF/YFW) is to promote the personal and professional growth of adults involved in agriculture.  We provide the framework for inspiring personal achievement and strengthen agricultural leadership, which fosters economic growth.

Organization's History

The Young Farmers state organization was organized in 1969 and the first state convention was held in 1970.  The Young Farm Wives state association was organized in 1971 as an auxiliary group with the same basic purposes of the Young Farmers.  In 2006, the two state associations merged into one organization and called the Missouri Young Farmers/Young Farm Wives Association.

The organization is an integral part of adult agricultural education programs offered by local school districts with approved agricultural education programs.  The association is for any adult interested in agriculture to provide an opportunity for members to continue their education and participate in leadership, cooperation, community improvement, social and recreational activities.  There is no restrictions to membership based on age or profession of the member.

The state association is housed in the Agricultural Education section of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and is governed by the Executive Committee, an all volunteer board of officers elected by the general membership at the state convention each year.  Each of the six districts in Missouri is represented by two officers who serve a two-year term on the committee.  Local associations are advised by the local agricultural education instructor and are organized to meet the local members' needs and desires.

The National organization, NYFEA, was formally established in 1982 by delegates from the 17 state associations, but national institutes and meetings have been held since 1967.  NYFEA is currently housed in Georgia, but the national institutes are hosted each year by a state association.

Constitution and By-laws
Missouri Young Farmers/Young Farm Wives Association
(Revised 2/6/2016)


Missouri Adult Ag Programs


Executive Committee

National Young Farmer Educational Association: www.nyfea.o



Assurance & Authorization Forms

MO FFA Chapter Assurance Form

MO FFA Release Authorization Form