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Health Sciences Equipment Guidelines

FV-4 (50/50) Equipment Program Guidelines

Items that will be approved:

  • Specific equipment that is related to the field in which you are
          teaching greater than $200.00 in value
  • Equipment that is appropriate for the instructional content of the
         career education course offered
  • Specific computer software related to the field in which you are
          teaching for instructional use
  • Computers or other equipment to enhance learning needs being
          used for instructional use
  • Refurbished equipment or "updating" equipment (i.e. computer
         upgrades) will be considered on an individual (case by case)

Items that will not be approved:

No item under $200.00 in value will be approved

  • Furniture will not be approved (i.e. executive chair, conference
         table, desk, etc.) unless it is required by a certain occupational
         program area (i.e. nursing bed and bedside table, wheelchair,
         dental chair, drafting tables, computer furniture, etc.) nor general
         maintenance repairs or preventive maintenance
  • "General" items that are not itemized nor specified for specific
         use (i.e. "computer software", lab equipment, etc.)
  • Consumables (i.e. syringes, dental supplies, cardiac
         catheterization kits, disposable items, plotter pins, networking
         cable, welding rods/wire, etc.) will not be approved