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Missouri TSA

About Technology Student Association (TSA)

Missouri TSA (MOTSA) is affiliated with national Technology Student Association (TSA), a non-profit, nationally recognized Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) devoted to the development of students in technology education.  Missouri TSA serves more than 5,800 middle and high school students in 102 local school chapters. 

Our purpose is to prepare our student members for the challenges of our dynamic world by promoting technological literacy, leadership, problem-solving skills, and personal growth through relevant learning opportunities and experiences. MOTSA is aligned with and adheres to national TSA policies, guidelines, mission statement


The Technology Student Association enhances personal development, leadership, and career opportunities in STEM, whereby members apply and integrate these concepts through intracurricular activities, competitions, and related programs.

TSA activities, competitions and leadership development initiatives support regular coursework to extend learning beyond the classroom.  Visit http://www.tsaweb.org/ for more information about national TSA.

TSA Benefits the School

TSA state-level and local chapter experiences enrich the school technology education program, school learning experiences and community activities.  TSA activities enhance the instructor's means of creating technology related challenges that benefit students.

TSA increases the opportunity for individual student growth and participation while providing the following benefits to schools

  • promotes, expands, and improves the total technology education program
  • creates additional means of developing student interest in project-based learning
  • develops student leaders
  • promotes the school, with visibility provided through school and community projects
  • provides opportunities for students to integrate learning experiences from other instructional areas, and
  • integrates Career & Technical Student Organization (CTSO) leadership development for meeting Missouri
    MSIP expectations and Common Standards for Career Education Programs, Standard Five (5)

TSA Benefits the Student

TSA students share common objectives and interests which help them learn about his or her role in our technological society.  The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology’s Engineering and Technology Standards reveals many key criteria TSA student members are expected to know and be able to do in their study of technology.  TSA activities can have a tremendous effect upon the attitudes, growth, and development of each member.  Benefits each student derives from TSA include

  • cultivates self-awareness and leadership development
  • development of “soft or employability” skills 
  • ​develop and increase individual civic pride, responsibility, and involvement
  • participation in service activities and projects that benefit others
  • opportunity for individual growth, development, and maturation according to personal interests and abilities
  • involvement in service projects for chapter, school, and community
  • meeting and working with leaders from business, industry, and the community to gain additional career information and exposure
  • participating in local, state, and national conferences
  • learning how function as a team; to share with others, lead, cooperate, and making decisions that affect oneself and other members, and
  • share in all benefits and membership services provided through local, state, and national membership affiliation


Purpose and Philosophy

The Technology Student Association provides opportunities for leadership development and training through involvement in a variety of activities. TSA promotes technology and engineering education as an integral part of the total education system. Knowledge is increased and broadened as members are informed of developments in technology. Student respect is inspired for the dignity of technology in our society. TSA encourages scholastic motivation by providing opportunities to integrate and use the knowledge and skill of other education disciplines.

Chapter activities are considered an essential and integral part of the students' development. TSA believes that every student should enter a dynamic world as leaders who are technologically literate and possess the ability to solve problems.

How TSA Develops Students:

TSA uses several methods to help students with personal development. They are the leadership development program, competitive events, achievement program, and a national service project. Everyone is encouraged to participate.

Leadership Development Program: 

Such vital areas as public speaking, chapter team competition, group dynamics and cooperation with others are all essential parts of the TSA program. In addition, the TSA member has the opportunity to take part in local, district, state and national leadership conferences which offer the opportunity to improve on personal excellence. TSA believes students should provide leadership in activities which affect their school, community, work, and nation.

Competitive Events: 

TSA members compete in a variety of technology categories ranging from Dragster Design to Technical Research and Report Writing. There are two levels of competition for grades 6-12. Level I is for 6th through 9th grade and level II is for 9th through 12th grade. During the awards ceremonies the top ten finalist in each event are recognized on the platform and TSA awards the winners in each event with a first second and third place recognition.

Technology Achievement Program: 

The achievement Program is a self-initiated program designed to motivate students in their technology and engineering education programs and to be recognized for their efforts in leadership development, school/community service, understanding of technology, and career/personal planning. It is composed of three levels: bronze, silver, and gold. The first level of bronze is achieved at the local level, the second level of silver is achieved at the state level, and the third level of gold is achieved at the national level. Points are accumulated through a variety of projects and activities.

National Service Project: 

TSA promotes service to the community by carefully selecting a national organization as its service partner. TSA's partner is now the American Cancer Society. Find out how your chapter can become involved by clicking on: American Cancer Society.

TSA chapter activities are an integral part of the school technology and engineering education program and provide added dimension to school/community activities. TSA activities enhance the instructor's means of creating technology related challenges that benefit the student. TSA increases the opportunity for individual growth and participation in an environment.

News and Updates

For the most updated calendar visit motsaweb.org. Partners and sponsors of Missouri TSA can be found here.​

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