DESE-Approved Industry-Recognized Credentials (IRC)

DESE-Approved IRC, Stackable Credential, and TSA List

DESE-Approved IRC, Stackable Credential, and TSA Guidance Document (2-9-24)

This guidance document provides the list of DESE-approved IRCs, stackable credentials, and technical skills attainment (TSA) assessments. TSAs are no longer reported. Earning an IRC or TSA is one of the requirements of the CTE Certificate.

Industry-Recognized Credential (IRC) and Stackable Credential Applications

2023 Application Feedback from IRC Committee

The window for submitting an IRC or Stackable Credential application opens May 1 and closes May 31 each year. Only Missouri local education agency administrators can submit an application for consideration. 

  • A DESE-approved IRC is defined as a portable, recognized credential that validates an individual has successfully demonstrated skill competencies in a core set of content and performance standards in a specific set of work-related tasks, single occupational area, or a cluster of related occupational areas.
    • The IRC assessment must be comprehensive in nature to be considered. 
  • A stackable credential is defined as a series of aligned, recognized, preferred, and/or required credentials (stackable) within an industry or sector that support an individual’s ability to obtain related, career employment.
    • Beginning in school year 2020-2021, students earning two stackable credentials in a program area will have the same effect on a district's Perkins V reporting as earning an IRC.

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