Responsive Services

Responsive Services

The school counselors should be available and responsive to special or unexpected needs of students and parents/guardians. Thus, the purpose of the Responsive Services Component is to work with students whose personal circumstances, concerns, or problems have the potential to interfere with healthy social/emotional, academic, and career development. Issues that students may face include; academic challenges, educational and career decision making, family loss, relationships, school attendance, stress, substance abuse, physical abuse and neglect, and suicide. As a result, there is continuing need for individual counseling, small group counseling, crisis intervention, consultation, and referral. The Responsive Services component also supports the activities in the School Counseling Curriculum and Individual Student Planning components.

As students are supported in overcoming barriers to their social/emotional, academic, and career development, parent/guardian involvement is essential.  This may come in the form of referring their children for assistance, working with school counselors to identify issues of concern, giving permission for needed services, and providing help in resolving issues. 

Responsive services are implemented through the following: individual counseling, small group counseling, crisis intervention, consultation, and referral.

Overview of MCSCP Responsive Services (Powerpoint)

Individual Counseling:

Small Group Counseling:

Small Group Units and Session Plans
Small Group Units and Lesson Plans
Anger Management

Elementary (K-2)

Elementary (3-5)

Middle School High School
Middle School High School
Coping with Life Changes

Divorce (K-2)

Divorce (3-5)

Missing You (K-2)

Remember This (3-5)

Middle School High School 
Interpersonal Relationships

Building Buddies (K-2)

Constructing Companionships (3-5)

Middle School High School
New Students Unit
Family Activity (K-5) Family Activity (6-12)
Self Awareness 
Self Awareness Unit (K-2) Self Awareness (3-5)
Self Control
Self Control Unit (K-2) Self Control Unit (3-5)
Study Skills 

Little Steps (K-2)

Homework Express (3-5)

Test Busters (3-5)

Organization and Study Prep (Middle School) Tools for Success (High School)


Crisis Intervention: