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Vendor Information

Local District Control

The General Assembly has elected to give the responsibility for the operation of a Missouri school district to a local board of education rather than create a state controlled educational system. The local board of education has been given the primary duty of establishing the procedures, rules, and regulations for a school district, as well as for the schools within that district.

Examples of decisions that are considered local decisions follow. This list is not meant to be all-inclusive, but to provide examples of local decisions.

  • Hiring, discipline and termination of both professional and support staff.
  • Making needful rules and regulations for the organization and government in the school district.
  • Establishing the discipline policy for the schools within the district (including corporal punishment).
  • Establishing the attendance policy for the schools within the district.
  • Establishing the grading policy for the schools within the district.
  • Determining the grade placement of a student (including promotion or retention).
  • Determining the grade point average of a student.
  • Determining the school and/or district’s curriculum (which must include the Show-Me Standards).
  • Selecting the school and/or district’s textbooks, educational materials and supplies.
  • Establishing the school district’s calendar(s). (The calendar may be different for different schools within the district but all calendars must meet certain legal requirements).
  • Allowing fund-raising activities for a school or the school district.

Avenues for Marketing Products and Services

The most effective marketing is word of mouth, where one teacher shares his or her successful experience with a coworker. Whenever possible, vendors are encouraged to include testimonials from Missouri educators when promoting their product and/or service. Include the testimonials in marketing literature and newsletter articles. Include a successful teacher when presenting and exhibiting at conferences, and when visiting state departments and schools.

Direct Contact

Vendors are encouraged to communicate directly with Missouri’s public school districts. The Department's Core Data section maintains a school directory listing all the districts and school buildings in the state, and contact information for their administrative leadership. Note the listing of Additional Directory Items on the bottom of the directory page. You can download contact information electronically from this site.


Several organizations throughout the state host annual conferences focusing on instructional technology issues. These conferences often have vendor venues or opportunities.

Vendor Demonstrations

While IT is not directly involved with district purchasing decisions, conversations between vendors and Instructional Technology staff may at times be informative and helpful. IT staff are willing to schedule these conversations as our calendars allow and/or direct vendors to other department staff when appropriate.

Because of busy schedules and time constraints, IT staff suggests the following steps be taken prior to contacting the section.

  1. Visit the Department and IT web sites to determine if/how your product and/or service fits in the state and local school improvement plans, programs, and initiatives.
  2. Determine the appropriate section(s) to contact. Send a letter detailing your product and how it can benefit Missouri educators. Provide the URL where staff can review the product/service. If necessary issue a generic ID and password for limited access.
  3. Follow up with a telephone call or email to schedule an appointment.