Nonpublic Schools that want to be added to participate in federal and state grant programs must meet the following definition.

A nonpublic school provides instruction in English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies to one or more grade levels that include at least one grade from kindergarten through twelfth grade.  The school has a physical location and students are instructed onsite.  The nonpublic school may also provide distanced instruction.  The school must be a nonprofit but is neither a school district, a neglected/delinquent institution nor a charter school as defined by Missouri law.

Additional information regarding Missouri State Regulations can be found on the US Department of Education website.

Nonpublic Requests

Nonpublic schools that wish to apply for federal and state grant programs may request to be added to the Nonpublic Registration (NPR) system in DESE Web Applications.

Forms: (Web system Username)

  1. Web Systems Access Request -Nonpublic (used to update existing user or add a new user)
  • Used to authorize access to each of the Web Application Systems such as the Nonpublic Registration form.
  • This form must be submitted to DESE for processing by faxing to 573-526-4125, or by emailing to

   2.  Web Systems  Access - Delete Request    (used to delete existing user from the system)

Assistance with DESE Applications Sign-In:

If you have questions about your DESE Application Sign-in (DAS) user account, you can reach out to the DAS Help Team using the Web Application Help contact form found in the website’s Help Center

Nonpublic Title I

Nonpublic Title VIII

Nonpublic Registration Information

Nonpublic Webinar Information

Nonpublic Reports

  • Nonpublic Information Reports - Select Login or View Public Applications - Nonpublic Registration Form - Reports
    (NOTE:  If using View Public Applications, you will need to select a Nonpublic School in
    order to get the Reports option.)     

Additional Nonpublic Resources


Bypass Removal

Monday, April 8, Title IA Bypass Implementation Listening Session 

Thursday, April 11, Title IA Bypass Implementation Listening Session