School Flex Programs

The School Flex Program (Section 160.539 RSMo) affords schools the opportunity to offer an alternative delivery system for students in grades 11 and 12, who have been identified by their high school principal, parents, or guardians, as potentially benefiting from an alternative delivery system in order to pursue a timely graduation. Participants in this program must attend school for at least two instructional hours per day and be earning credit in classes needed for graduation, maintain a 95% attendance rate, and avoid suspension or expulsion. In addition, there must be evidence that participants are enrolled and attending college or career technical programs and/or proof of employment.  All components of the plan must align to the student’s Individual Career Academic Plan (formerly known as a Personal Plan of Study), which has been developed by the school district with the student.

This program does not require the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) to approve prior to implementation. Eligible students participating in the School Flex Program shall be considered full-time students of the school district or charter LEA and shall be counted in the school’s average daily attendance for state aid purposes.

Guidance for School Flex Program Development, Implementation, and Evaluation

  1. The school district/charter LEA reviews current policies, procedures and practices and develops the School Flex Program within their local protocols. The program should include a method for identifying and approving students in grades 11 and 12, as well as methods for monitoring student progress on the plan, tracking attendance, awarding credits, and maintaining records. A district may reference the Graduation Requirements for Students in Missouri Public Schools’ sections on Granting Credit for Off-Campus Programs and Dual Enrollment for guidance.
  2. The school under the district’s/charter LEA’s guidance determines who will supervise the students and how attendance records will be maintained, as well as the process for monitoring student progress on the plan. All School Flex students must be under the guidance and direction of a certificated teacher (any certificate other than a substitute certificate or an early childhood certificate).  It is recommended that 225 minutes of supervision time be provided to teachers for each group of up to twenty-eight students.
  3. A principal or a parent/guardian identifies students who are eligible for this program based on district policies and procedures.
  4. Designated school personnel work with each student and his/her parents/guardians to develop an individualized plan that is aligned with the student’s written Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP). The plan must include:
    1. Attendance at school for at least two instructional hours per day within the school of residence.
    2. A plan to pursue a timely graduation through enrollment in district/charter LEA required classes in order to meet graduation requirements.
    3. Evidence of enrollment and attendance at a college or technical school or evidence of employment that is aligned to the student’s ICAP. Students may or may not receive pay for employment that is aligned to their ICAP.
    4. The expectations for student attendance and behavior as outlined in Section 160.539 RSMo:
      1. The student must maintain a 95% attendance rate.
      2. The student must avoid suspension or expulsion while in the program.
  5. Student attendance for the School Flex program is reported through the Core Data System, utilizing the course code of 996002 - Off Campus, School Flex Program, for state aid purposes.
  6. The district/charter LEA maintains enrollment, attendance, and completion/graduation records for this program and utilizes the information to evaluate the effectiveness of the program within said district/charter LEA.

For additional questions or information, please contact School Improvement, 573-751-4426.