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The Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP) 6 works to prepare every child for success in school and life. MSIP 6 is the state’s school accountability system for reviewing and accrediting public school districts in Missouri. MSIP began in 1990 and is preparing to enter its sixth version.

The Department believes high expectations, a clear vision and a few very focused, high impact goals will be critical to drive the improvement efforts necessary to bring about positive results.

MSIP 6 Policy Goals

  • Articulate the state's expectations for student achievement with the ultimate goal of all students graduating ready for success in college and careers;
  • Distinguish performance of schools and districts in valid, accurate and meaningful ways so that districts in need of improvement can receive appropriate support and interventions, and high-performing districts can be recognized as models of excellence;
  • Empower all stakeholders through regular communication and transparent reporting results; and
  • Promote continuous improvement and innovation within each district.

MSIP 6 – Development Teams

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) is beginning the work of reviewing and revising MSIP 5, the current version of the Missouri School Improvement Program. 

Academic Achievement

This development team will examine existing measures of academic achievement. Critical issues to be addressed include content areas, assessments, and measurements of achievement, progress, and growth. Further, the development team will evaluate the use of the super subgroup under MSIP 6.

Academic Achievement Development Team

Climate and Culture

Climate and culture, the intangibles of a school system, are significant factors in student success. In addition to traditional measures of safety and expectations, schools that engage their communities in strong partnerships support the collaboration between the two. This development team will make recommendations about how to evaluate and incentive positive culture and community engagement for schools.

Climate and Culture Development Team

Effective Educators and Instructional Practices

This development team will make recommendations for how to evaluate the strength of a district or charter LEA in regard to the instructional processes and educator practice. Areas to be examined are curriculum, instruction, assessment, professional development, and the educator evaluation and development systems. This team will make recommendations both on how to examine these factors and on how to evaluate and report on them.

Effective Educators and Instructional Practices Development Team

Effective and Stable Leadership and Governance

The Effective and Stable Leadership and Governance development team will examine the issues surrounding leadership in districts, charter LEAs and schools. In addition to instructional leadership, the team will examine issues surrounding governance and management, including policy, resources, strategic planning and implementation, and public engagement. The team will make recommendations regarding how to evaluate and report on these issues in our schools.

Effective and Stable Leadership and Governance Development Team

Success Ready Graduates

The aim of schooling is to prepare students for success in later life. This development team will make recommendations about how best to evaluate how a school system prepares its graduates for college, career, and life.

Success Ready Graduates Development Team

Systems and Processes

This development team will examine the system and processes used to evaluate school districts under MSIP 6. Topics to be addressed include reporting, review timelines and weighting of standards. The System and Processes workgroup is primarily responsible for making recommendations about the MSIP 6 system from a global perspective.

Systems and Processes Development Team