Payment Requests and FERs

All Payment Requests and Final Expenditure Reports must be completed in ePeGS.

The Cash Management Improvement Act (CMIA) was placed in operation to prevent interest earnings on Federal funds.  Section 31 CFR Part 205 “Rules and Procedures for Efficient Federal-State Funds Transfers” states that methods and procedures for payment must minimize the time elapsing between the transfer of funds from the United States Treasury to the State and ultimately to the pass-through entity.  Therefore, DESE must ensure that payments to the pass-through entity are for reimbursements only.  DESE must monitor payments to assure that they conform to the Federal regulations.  This applies to both monthly payment requests and final expenditure report (FER) payments. DESE does not allow advance payments.  Additional information is available in the General Federal Guidance Manual at

Federal Payment request schedule beginning July 1, 2017
Payment Request Submitted Date Payment Received (ACH) Date

21st of prior month to 1st of current month

By 21st of current month
2nd to 20th of current month By end of the current month