Embedded Credit

Embedded credit is an alternative method for granting credit in which a school district chooses to embed competencies from one subject into another class and award credit to students for both the embedded content and the other subject. The embedded credit content must be closely aligned to the Missouri Learning Standards and a plan for determining competency for both subjects must be in place.  The instructor must have appropriate certification in both content areas.

Suggested Process for Embedding Credit:

  1. The district reviews internal policies and procedures related to graduation requirements, transcript protocol, GPAs, class ranking, impact on staffing, etc.
  2. The district reviews external protocols related to review of transcripts and acceptance of embedded credit by colleges, area career centers, the NCAA Clearinghouse, etc.
  3. The district has the appropriate stakeholders compare and crosswalk the competencies for both courses to determine if they are closely aligned and cover the standards for both classes. Any missing standards must be added.
  4. The district determines how competency and acceptable mastery level for both subjects will be determined. Embedded credit for a course which requires a Missouri Assessment Program mandatory end-of-course exam is subject to all conditions and requirements for administration of that assessment.
  5. The district sends notification to the Office of Quality Schools at the address listed below. This notification needs to include district assurances that the content is closely aligned with Missouri Learning Standards and is rigorous in expectations. The assurances should also include a plan for determining the competency level for the embedded credit and, as well as the acceptable level of mastery for awarding credit.
  6. Once embedded credit has been put in place the district should monitor student performance on a regular basis.


Please send Embedded Credit Notifications to:
Office of Quality Schools - School Improvement
Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
PO Box 480
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0480


For additional information, please contact School Improvement at 573-751-4426.

References: Graduation Requirements for Students in Missouri Public Schools—Variances to the State Minimum Graduation Requirements and the Core Data and Missouri Student Information System Reference Manual, Exhibit 14A—Embedded Credit and Team Teaching