Class Size and Assigned Enrollments

Class Size and Assigned Enrollments—Enrollments will be consistent with both class-size and program standards and total enrollment requirements.

1. Student enrollment in individual classes will be consistent with the following guidelines:

Grades Standard Desirable Standard
K-2 25 17
3-4 27 20
5-6 30 22
7-12 33 25

2. Full-time elementary art, music, and physical education shall serve no more than seven hundred fifty (750) students per week.


  1. Student enrollment in a classroom may increase by as many as ten (10) students for any period that a paraprofessional assists the classroom teacher full time, or by as many as five (5) students when a paraprofessional assists the teacher half time. (Paraprofessionals paid for with Title I and special education funds cannot be used to increase class size. See the Consolidated Federal Programs Administrative Manual for guidelines on compliance and the use of paraprofessionals for Title I purposes).
  2. Elementary school classes may enroll students from two (2) consecutive grade levels. Total enrollment in such classes shall not exceed the class-size standards listed above for the lowest grade included in the combination.
  3. High schools can combine sections of a same subject in beginning and advanced levels (e.g., Spanish I and Spanish II or Spanish III and Spanish IV). Total combined enrollment in such classes shall not exceed twenty-five (25) students.
  4. Enrollment in performing arts classes may exceed regular class-size limits if adequate supervision and facilities are provided.
  5. High school physical education classes may enroll up to forty-five (45) students if appropriate supervision and facilities are provided.

MSIP 5 Resource Standard-4