Early Learning Blended Funding

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The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s (DESE’s) plan is that all Missouri children will enter kindergarten prepared to be successful in school. To meet this goal, the Department recognizes that all children need access to high-quality early learning experiences. As Local Education Agencies (LEAs) assess early learning programs for children ages three to five to determine the need within their community, exploring the opportunities of blending early learning funds and services may be advantageous. Blended funding programs occur when the educational costs for a group of children representing a variety of eligibility types are shared and supported by two or more funding sources to ensure consistency, eliminate duplication of services, allow for maximum flexibility of funds, and reduce burden. There is no new Federal or State funding available through DESE for a blended program. Instead, blended programs allow for existing resources to be better utilized to support increased access for children to inclusive early learning programs.

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