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Training published on the Missouri Professional Development (MOPD) system is approved for clock hours. Providers may use the MOPD to:

  • View scheduled clock hour training
  • Register for training sessions
  • Locate online training available 24/7 
  • Check the approval status of national training events

Technical issues associated with the MOPD or instructions on how to use MOPD should be directed to

Pre-approved National Conferences/Trainings 
  • Some national conferences and out of state trainings have been pre-approved for clock hour credit. To receive credit in the MOPD System, each individual will submit an individual training request through the MOPD System.
  • You can view the Pre-Approved National Conferences/Trainings list.
  • For in-person (face-to-face workshop) training sessions or conferences that take place outside of Missouri and do not appear on the MOPD System or the Pre-Approved National Conferences/Trainings list, it is possible (but not guaranteed) to have it individually reviewed for clock hour approval. This can be requested under the Training Tab in the MOPD System.
CPR/First Aid

MOPD System CPR and First Aid (FA) Courses for Clock Hour Credit (CPR/FA Trainers Only)

The following national models are accepted for CPR/First Aid:

  • American Red Cross
  • American Heart Association
  • American Trauma Event Management (ATEM)
  • Emergency Care and Safety Institute
  • National Safety Council
  • ProTrainings
  • Health and Safety Institute (HSI) - includes American Safety and Health Institute, and EMS Safety

Other CPR/First Aid Guidelines

  • The provider must receive certification from the approved model.   
  • Online only CPR/First Aid is not allowed.   
  • CPR/First Aid training must be conducted fully in-person or as a blended training that includes on-line learning with an in-person skills assessment. For blended training, only the in-person component is eligible for clock hour credit.  
  • Any trainer who has the proper credentialing to provide CPR/First Aid training from one of the listed models may conduct training that satisfies the CPR/First Aid requirement. ​​
  • For CPR/First Aid training to count toward annual clock hour requirements, approved trainers must complete attendance within the MOPD System.
College Credit
What type of training is eligible for clock hour credit

Training must be approved by DESE in the MOPD system and meet at least one of the Missouri Content Areas (previously known as core competencies). Clock hour training must relate directly to children or be related to the child care setting.

  • In Person– Training conducted in-person by a trainer in a face-to-face format. The trainer will be responsible for the delivery of the training and assessment of knowledge. Assessment can be anything that shows the participant has gained knowledge in the training. This can be by question and answer throughout the training, a quiz at the completion, an activity that puts the content into action, etc.
  • Online – Training conducted over an online platform and is live with a trainer. For online training, the trainer must be able to gauge interactivity throughout the session and the trainer must be able to assess learning. This can be done in a variety of methods using required polling options within the training platform, through virtually face-to-face interactivity where the trainer is able to see the participants through web cameras and ask questions and receive answers from the participants, or through real-time survey questions asked by the trainer with required answers from the participants.
  • On-demand – On-demand training is available to participants at the participant’s convenience. Because there is not a trainer present during the training, the trainer will need to have an alternative way to monitor interactivity and assess learning. The platform used must be able to monitor the time the user is present in the training and that they actively participate in the training. The training must have an assessment portion before clock hour credit can be issued. This can be done with knowledge checks embedded in the training, a quiz at the end, a quiz submitted to the trainer following the completion of the training, or a combination of these methods. A training that does not meet these specifications will not be approved as an online/on-demand training.
What type of training is not eligible for clock hour credit
  • Staff meeting topics – (e.g., human resources, benefits, scheduling, daily cleaning procedures/schedules, how to use appliances/ office equipment, operation of computer programs, performance reviews, employee handbook review, etc.) are not clock hour eligible.
  • Self-Study style training – Individual/independent review of materials followed by the submission of an assignment or quiz will not be approved.
  • Pre-recorded webinars
  • Video Recordings of live training
  • Webinars that do not monitor individual participation and interactivity.
Training/Conference Application
  • Training/Conference applications must be submitted electronically through the MOPD System at least 30 days prior to hosting the training. Clock hour training or conference applications are reviewed in the order that they are received. Submit your application with ample time to reach your goals for delivery.
  • In each training or conference session, the trainer will need to identify the content area that will be thoroughly explored in the training. The individual is expected to be ‘competent’ in that area following the completion of the training.
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