Professional Learning Communities



This Missouri Professional Learning Communities Project, began during the 2003-2004 school year.  This PLC Project evolved from the Missouri Accelerated Schools Project which had served as a school reform initiative for many years.   


Professional learning communities see student learning, not teaching, as their mission. The policies, instruction, curriculum, programs, professional development, and other functions of the school all support student learning.  In maintaining this constant focus on learning, four questions become paramount:

1. What should students know and be able to do?

2. How will the school determine that students have learned the essential knowledge and skills?

3. How will the school respond when students do not learn?

4. How will the school respond when they already know it?

The state PLC school-improvement model focuses on increasing student achievement by building the capacity of school personnel to create and sustain the conditions that promote high levels of student and adult learning.


  • The daily work of the school is driven by common purpose, shared vision and collective commitments.
  • There are high expectations regarding student achievement and a commitment on the part of staff to accept responsibility for student learning.
  • The learning of each student is monitored on a timely basis using common core curriculum and common assessments aligned with state standards.
  • School structures support student learning and provide additional time and support for students who initially do not achieve intended outcomes.
  • Job-embedded professional development leads to the collective identification of, reflection about, and implementation of “best practices” for improved student achievement.
  • Staff members work collaboratively in processes that foster continuous improvement in all indicators of student achievement.
  • The use of data promotes an action orientation and focus on results.
  • Leadership of school improvement processes is widely dispersed and helps sustain a culture of continuous improvement.



Cathi Rust, Supervisor
Powerful Learning Conference
Blue Ribbon & Gold Star Schools

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

PO Box 480

Jefferson City, MO  65102

(573) 751-0285


Sustaining Exemplary PLC Schools

2019 Sustaining Exemplary

  • Bismarck R-V Elementary School, Bismarck
  • David H. Hickman High School, Columbia
  • McIntire Elementary School, Fulton
  • Garrett Elementary School, Hazelwood
  • Russell Hawkins Jr. High School, Jackson
  • Highland Elementary School, Lewis County
  • Reeds Spring Elementary School, Reeds Spring
  • Julia Goldstein Early Childhood Education Center, University City
  • Martin Warren Elementary School, Warrensburg
  • Warrensburg High School, Warrensburg

2018 Sustaining Exemplary

  • Cameron Veterans Middle School, Cameron
  • Carrollton Elementary and Adams Primary, Carrollton
  • Carrollton Middle School, Carrollton
  • Festus Elementary, Festus
  • Festus Intermediate School, Festus
  • Festus Middle School, Festus
  • Bartley Elementary, Fulton
  • Bush Elementary, Fulton
  • Potosi Elementary, Potosi
  • Trojan Intermediate, Potosi
  • St. James Middle School, St. James
  • Union Star Elementary and High School, Union Star



Exemplary Schools

2019 Exemplary Schools

  • Cameron High School, Cameron
  • Crocker High School, Crocker
  • Laurence J. Daly Elementary, Fayette
  • Fulton Middle School, Fulton
  • A.D. Stowell Elementary School, Hannibal
  • Perryville High School, Perry County
  • Helena Elementary School, Savannah
  • Scotland CO. Elementary School, Scotland
  • Westview Elementary School, Westview

2018 Exemplary Schools

  • Kelly A. Burlison Middle School, Fredricktown
  • Jana Elementary, Hazelwood
  • Viburnum High School, Iron County
  • Viburnum Elementary, Iron County
  • Cedar Hill Elementary, Jefferson City
  • Dogwood Elementary, Kearney
  • Neelyville High School, Neelyville
  • North County Parkside Elementary, N. St. Francois
  • Stonegate Elementary, Raymore-Peculiar
  • Peculiar Elementary, Raymore-Peculiar
  • Kratz Elementary, Ritenour
  • Marion Elementary, Ritenour
  • Seneca Intermediate, Seneca
  • Seneca Elementary, Seneca
  • Southern Boone Primary, Southern Boone
  • Daniel Boone Elementary, Warren County
  • Rebecca Boone Elementary, Warren County
  • Ridge View Elementary, Warrensburg
  • Sterling Elementary, Warrensburg
  • Williams Early Childhood, Waynesville
  • Piney Ridge Center, Waynesville

2017 Exemplary Schools

  • Bismarck High School, Bismarck
  • Cameron Intermediate School, Cameron
  • Parkview Elementary School, Cameron
  • Clippard Elementary School, Cape Girardeau
  • Brown Elementary School, Florissant
  • Hollister Middle School, Hollister
  • Orchard Drive Elementary School, Jackson
  • Forder Elementary School, St. Louis
  • ​Milan Elementary School, Milan
  • Nashua Elementary School, Kansas City
  • North County Primary School, Bonne Terre
  • Creekmoor Elementary School, Raymore
  • Shull Elementary School, Peculiar
  • Timber Creek Elementary School, Raymore
  • Warrior Ridge Elementary School, Warrenton
  • Avery Elementary School, St. Louis

2016 Exemplary Schools

  • Blanchard Elementary School, Cape Girardeau
  • Bismarck R-V Elementary School, Bismarck
  • David H. Hickman High School, Columbia
  • Eagle Glen Intermediate School, Raymore
  • Garrett Elementary School, Hazelwood
  • Highland Elementary School, Lewistown
  • Julia Goldstein Early Childhood, University City
  • Martin Warren Elementary School, Warrensburg
  • McIntire Elementary School, Fulton
  • Montgomery County Middle School, Montgomery City
  • Raymore Elementary School, Raymore
  • ​Reeds Spring Intermediate School, Reeds Spring
  • Reeds Spring Primary School, Reeds Spring
  • Russell Hawkins Junior High School, Jackson
  • Southview Elementary School, Kearney
  • Warrensburg High School, Warrensburg

2015 Exemplary Schools

  • Cameron Middle School, Cameron
  • Carrollton Elementary/Adams Primary Schools, Carrollton
  • Carrollton Middle School, Carrollton
  • Russellville Elementary & Middle Schools, Russellville
  • Russellville High School, Russellville
  • Bartley Elementary School, Fulton
  • Bush Elementary School, Fulton
  • Monett Intermediate School, Monett
  • Neosho Central Elementary, Neosho
  • Potosi Elementary School, Potosi
  • Trojan Intermediate School, Potosi
  • St. James Middle School, St. James
  • Union Star High School, Union Star
  • Waynesville Sixth Grade Center, Waynesville

2014 Exemplary Schools

  • Jackson Senior High, Jackson
  • Jackson South Elementary, Jackson
  • Southern Boone High, Ashland
  • Virginia E. George Elementary, Albany
  • Union Star Elementary, Union Star
  • Trenton Senior High, Trenton
  • Lonedell Elementary, Lonedell
  • Thayer Elementary, Ft. Leonard Wood
  • Freedom Elementary, St. Robert
  • Wood Elementary, Ft. Leonard Wood
  • Steelville Elementary, Steelville
  • Logan-Rogersville Primary, Rogersville
  • Lebanon Senior High, Lebanon
  • Cold Water Elementary, Florrisant
  • Reed Elementary, St. Louis

2013 Exemplary Schools

  • Benton Elementary, Neosho
  • Central Park Elementary, Monett
  • East Elementary, Waynesville
  • Partridge Elementary, Waynesville
  • Festus Elementary School
  • Festus Intermediate School
  • Festus Middle School
  • Gratz Brown Elementary, Moberly
  • North Park Elementary, Moberly
  • South Park Elementary, Moberly
  • Ozark Upper Elementary

2012 Exemplary Schools

  • Robinson  Intermediate School, Aurora
  • West Lane Elementary, Jackson
  • Kearney Middle School
  • Eugene Field Elementary School, Maryville
  • Maryville Middle School
  • Maryville High School
  • Moberly Middle School
  • Ste. Genevieve Elementary School
  • Ste. Genevieve Bloomsdale Elementary
  • Ste. Genevieve Middle School
  • Ste. Genevieve High School

2011 Exemplary Schools

  • Robinson Intermediate School, Aurora
  • Rushville Elementary School, Buchanan County R-IV
  • Dewey Elementary School, Chillicothe R-II
  • DeKalb Middle/High School, Buchanan County R-IV
  • Hallsville High School
  • Hallsville Intermediate School
  • Lathrop Elementary School

2010 Exemplary Districts

  • Francis Howell R-III
  • Grain Valley R-V