Effective Practices

Effective Practices

Effective Practices

​Within the Division of Learning Services, the Office of Special Education, the Effective Practices section works with school districts to identify effective research and data-driven monitoring, accountability and assessment of instructional practices in areas of literacy, positive academic and behavior interventions, supportive, personalized and relevant special education instruction, technical assistance and professional development that encourages parent/district/community involvement working together to develop a clear and common focus for students with disabilities.

Effective Practices Staff 

James Bouslaugh

Phone: 573-751-0625

Regina Miller
Administrative Assistant

Phone: 573-751-0187

Marsha Campe
Assistant Director

Postsecondary Transition/Career Education Special Needs (CESN)
Phone: 573-751-2512

  • Career Education Special Needs (CESN)
  • Transition Training Institute
  • SEL for All
  • WIOA Youth Committee
  • MITT
  • ALTELLA (WIDA Alternate Assessment)
  • State Rehab Council

Kristin Funk
Assistant Director

Phone: 573-751-7661

  • Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) grant
  • Instructional Resources/Evidence-based Practices
  • Contracts
  • Instructional Technology
  • Data Collection Tools