State Personnel Development Grant

The Department and its partners are charged with the goal of improving statewide and local level systems of educational support for children and youth with disabilities. To address this charge, the 2017-22 Missouri State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) focuses on increasing the statewide capacity to provide high-quality, ongoing professional development regarding effective educational practices at the district level. The ultimate goal of this project is to improve the educational and post-school outcomes for all children and youth, especially those children and youth with disabilities. Activities of this project include: (a) collaborating with a statewide system of support to develop and implement effective evidence-based professional development in selected areas for improvement at the district level; (b) creating a self-correcting feedback loop used to continually improve the implementation outcomes and fidelity of implementation of professional development at all levels; and (c) using technologies to support the delivery of professional development, for sharing resources, and for collecting and analyzing data measuring the fidelity of implementation and the impact of this professional development effort.

SPDG 2017-22 Grant Application (SPDG grant ENTIRE COPY)