Parents as Teachers Program Information

Missouri Parents as Teachers Programs are supported through a collaborative partnership that includes the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), the Parents as Teacher National Center (PATNC), and the local school district. Each partner has specific roles and responsibilities that collectively ensure that families in Missouri have access to quality parent education services through this program.

Program Requirements

For PAT Program requirements, refer to the Early Childhood Administrative Act (ECDA) Administrative Manual.

For specific information on functional screening procedures, refer to the Recommended Procedures for Hearing, Vision and Oral/Dental Checks.

For a general listing of important tasks and reporting information, refer to the PAT Program Timeline.

Program Reporting

For guidance and step-by-step instructions on completing the ePeGS reporting requirements, refer to the ePeGS Guide.

For guidance and step-by-step instructions on completing the Compliance Plan reporting requirement, refer to the Compliance Plan Guide.

For information on reporting a PAT supervisor and parent educator(s), refer to the Core Data and Missouri Student Information System (MOSIS) Reference Manual (Exhibit 17B).

Program Guidance

For PAT Programs interested in meeting the PATNC Essential Requirements, refer to the Missouri Planning Tool.

For districts contracting services with another district, public agency or state approved not-for-profit agency, refer to the PAT Administrative Services Agreement.


For PAT Programs to self-evaluate program structure and services, refer to the Compliance Review Tool.

For PAT Supervisors conducting quarterly file reviews, refer to the Individual Parent Educator File Review document.

Training/Professional Development

To register for Foundational and Foundational 2 curriculum training, refer to the Parents as Teachers National Center training gallery.

For curriculum reimbursement, refer to Missouri Parents as Teachers Curriculum Reimbursement form. 

For professional development for parent educators and PAT supervisors as well as program support (job descriptions, interview questions, consultation and observation tools), refer to the Missouri Parents as Teachers Professional Development Program (MO PAT PD).

For information on the Competency Framework and professional development, refer to the Institute for the Advancement of Family Support Professionals.


Communication sent during the program year relating to PAT.

Recorded Webinars