Procurement Review Information

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is requiring a review of all School Nutrition Program procurement activities. The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), Food and Nutrition Services (FNS), has contracted with Child Nutrition Resource (CNR) to conduct a review of all School Nutrition Program procurement activities. The Procurement Review schedule may align with the three year Administrative Review schedule; however, the reviews may not be conducted simultaneously. The Procurement Reviews will be conducted on a 6 year cycle, with the exception of Food Service Management Company (FSMC) contract schools. The FSMC schools will be conducted every 3 years. 

***Local Education Agencies (LEAs) with FSMC contracts: This review is to determine how you procured the FSMC’s services NOT how they procured the food. Please do not ask them to complete this review.

LEAs receiving a Procurement Review in the school year: An announcement letter will be sent to the LEA from CNR to request the initial documents.  This review will be completed off-site and all documents will be sent electronically.

The initial documents requested are:

  • LEA’s written procurement procedures.
  • LEA’s Code of Conduct for employees of the LEA engaged in the selection, award, and administration of contracts.
  • List of all vendors which goods or services were purchased during the school year under review using funds from the LEA’s non-profit food service account (Vendor Paid List). The Vendor Paid List should include the names of all vendors, date of transaction, and the amount of the transaction. Please submit this as an Excel document, if possible.
  • Complete the SFA Procurement Table. Found through the DESE Web Applications.

***Access to complete the SFA Procurement Table will only be available to those LEAs with an open Procurement Review.

LEAs not receiving a Procurement Review: The LEA will not have access to the SFA Procurement Table found through the DESE Web Applications. For convenience the Local Agency Procurement Review Tool can be found on our website under the Procurement tab as a reference to prepare for a Procurement Review. Only complete the SFA Procurement Table tab.  

An example of a Code of Conduct, a Procurement Plan, and a Vendor Paid List are available in the list below.  These documents are prototype documents that are examples of what is requested and may be adopted by the LEA if desired.

2023-2024 Procurement Review List

Code of Conduct - Prototype

Procurement Plan Sample - Prototype

Vendor Paid List - Prototype

Local Agency Procurement Review Tool 

Cost/Price Analysis for Formal Procurement - Prototype