Beginning Teacher Assistance Program B

Beginning Teacher Assistance Program B

Purposeful Lesson Planning

This program offers continued support for early career teachers, and to celebrate the completion of a successful first year of teaching, Purposeful Lesson Planning begins with a statewide event featuring Mike Rutherford, author of The Artisan Teacher!  Purposeful Lesson Planning is part of the Missouri Teacher Development System ( and is open to any teacher who has completed a Beginning Teacher Assistance Program in Missouri. 

This opportunity provides:

  • access to experts - State event with Mike Rutherford, author of The Artisan Teacher
  • on-demand learning, including Mike Rutherford's MTDS series.
  • consultant support
  • networking with other teachers 
  • competency-based programming 

Purposeful Lesson Planning emphasizes the following MTDS Competencies

Designs lesson variations to (a) content; (b) process; (c) product; and/or (d) environment based on *analysis of student needs.

Plans formal and informal *assessment strategies and *documentation structures to check and record understanding of lesson targets during instruction.

Participates in a *community of practice to share evidence of effectiveness and progress towards curricular goals, plan curricular revisions, and discuss meeting student needs.