Developing Level II TAG

MTDS Developing II: Teacher Academy Graduates (TAG)

This program offers  support for mid-career teachers. Developing II begins with a statewide kick-off event featuring national expert John Antonetti! 

Developing II is part of the Missouri Teacher Development System ( and is open to any teacher who has:

This opportunity provides:
  • access to experts:  State Kick-off event with national expert John Antonetti
  • a copy John's book:  Rigorous Task Design
  • consultant support
  • networking with other teachers 
  • competency-based programming 

Developing II emphasizes the following MTDS Competencies Reflects on, in, and for practice, focusing on:  (a) directing future instruction by reflecting; and (b) monitoring progress, evaluating results, and adjusting instruction based on the use of action research and student growth data. Develops innovative instruction based on conducting and using action research that:  (a) emphasizes essential concepts of content; (b) uses supplementary primary sources; (c) connects to student experience and culture; (d) meets the unique needs of diverse learners; and/or promotes student inquiry and interdisciplinary approaches.

Gains awareness of the larger professional community, including regional, state, national, and global professional educational communities and governmental bodies that impact the profession; and revises personal philosophy of teaching.

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Click Here to Register for Developing Level II : TAG Statewide meeting with John Antonetti