Developing Level I TA

MTDS Developing I: Teacher Academy

This program offers  support for mid-career teachers. Developing I begins with a statewide kick-off event featuring John Antonetti, author of 17,000 Classroom Visits Can't Be Wrong!  Developing I is part of the Missouri Teacher Development System ( and is open to any teacher who has:
  • completed at least three years of successful teaching
  • a strong desire for professional improvement

This opportunity provides:
  • access to experts:  State Kick-off event with national expert John Antonetti
  • a copy John's book:  17,000 Classroom Visits Can't Be Wrong.
  • access to on-demand learning modules to enrich teacher learning anywhere and anytime. 
  • consultant support
  • networking with other teachers 
  • competency-based programming 

Developing I emphasizes the following MTDS Competencies Shares innovative practices and revisions to instruction obtained from conducting action research and the use of emerging research within a community of practice. Reflects on, in, and for practice, focusing on:  (a) directing future instruction by reflecting; and (b) monitoring progress, evaluating results, and adjusting instruction based on the use of action research and student growth data. Designs and adjusts lessons and/or learning goals in response to ongoing analysis of student needs based on multiple sources of data to meet individual learning needs and promote student progress.

Facilitates learning experiences that combine engaging qualities of work, higher level thinking, and high-yield instructional strategies to engage students intellectually, academically, and/or emotionally in content and in advancing their own learning.  

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