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February 5,2024 Agenda

5 CSR 20-400.385 Beginning Teacher Assistance Program

5 CSR 20-200.180 Area Vocational School Career Center Career Center Service Regions

5 CSR 20-400.500 Application for Certificate of License to Teach

5 CSR 20-400.540 Certification Requirements for Teacher of Secondary Education (Grades 912)

5 CSR 20-400.610 Certification Requirements for Initial Administrator Certificate

5 CSR 20-400.650 Certification Requirements for Career Continuous Student Services Certs_

5 CSR 20-400.660 Certification Requirements for Career Education (Secondary) 7-12 Certificates

5 CSR 20-400.670 Certification Requirements for Career Education (Adult) Certificate

2023 First-Year Teachers

Special Reading Recommended Revision

December 4, 2023 Agenda

Educator Preparation Update

Educator Development Update

School Leadership K-12 Certificate

September 11, 2023 Agenda

Educator Preparation Update

Educator Certification Update

Climate and Culture:     
The Work of the
Teacher Recruitment & Retention Blue Ribbon Commission

April 3,2023  Agenda

Educator Preparation Update

Superintendent Recommendation For Initial Certification

February 6, 2023 Agenda

Educator Preparation Update 

MTDS Update

Teacher Workforce Data

Math 9-12 Certification Proposed Revisions